Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Fantasies of the Santa coming true

“Some thing tells me its beautiful out there”

When I started this blog..and I named it Santasizing..Fantasizing..no one really understood the reasons for the weird name..and it didnt matter then..
when someone named me Santa long back..he did it on a purpose..I always wondered why I was the santa out of all the wonderful people in the world who really were santa like(i associated Santa only with the lovely gifts on christmas)..but since i loved the name a tad too much..i accepted it with complete elan and a big grin on my face..
but as i grew up in my mind(or thats what i think!!)..and moved on in life..i realised the reason behind this funny little name..and thats when..i knew..i loved being the Santa..Santa to my family..and the kids in the house..and the little(and huge) pets of mine..and Santa to just about everyone who I loved..(and even not loved)..Soon the Santa Fantasized on a lot of things she wanted to really do in her life span here on this earth..
and today..she has moved a step closer towards the fantasy that remains closest to her heart..!!

Today I got the acceptance to be a part of the core team at PFA Bangalore(people for animals)

…and this is when I can say that I am doing atleast some part of something what I really really want to…

As I was speaking to the manager at PFA…I felt a rush of excitement a joy rush down me…excitement at the prospect of doing something for animals-a dream I nurtured for long..for knowing people who share the same passion as mine,,and for knowing people for who money is not everything to sustain..and people who really really have a heart to actually go out and do something and expect nothing in return..
And it feels wonderful to take the very first steps towards it…

We all work for poor people. and their upliftment..and in all senses it’s a wonderful thing to do…but we never think about the animals… who cannot speak to us or understand us..but only love us unconditionally..
And as some one said it correctly…

”our real heritage is not the big buildings we make..its the nature and the animals with who we must learn to co-exist”

Starting Thursday I will be one of the core members for PFA team in Bangalore and we have an exciting agenda lined up…
Meeting with the forest department,meeting with the Tata’s ,organizing a wellness camp for all the stray,wounded,uncared for animals…creating new programs and arranging volunteers..organizing camps… and so much more…coz the work has just begun

And finally im going to be around the beings I love the most-animals…

This indeed is little sunshine coming out in the gloomy weather of Bangalore...
...And so the Santa has decided to come out of hibernation finally...and begin the fun ride yet again..!!

Christmas..here I come!!


Nidhi said...

I have an answer to your WHY :)

You were names Santa cuz yo uhave the baility to brng a genuine smile on so many faces :) a quality that lies with few only :) So SANTA darling keep smiling and make everyone smile this way forever :)

And am sure with a beautiful heart like yours , you would do wonders for all the causes you ve taken in your hands now :)

Welcome back Santa !! And this time you won;t be allowed to go back to your hibernation phase :) We want you here :)

chirpy-paaro said...

I m so happy for u..
You always wanted that and now u r there!!!!

Santa has reborn!!!!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

the rate at which i have been passing muaaahs to you is sure to make Vin jealous..and ofcourse ur fans too:P
but thanks sweetheart for such kind words..
even if my stupidity can bring that smile..im okay with it(talk about being modest!!)

i dont know how much difference i can bring or not bring..but atleast..im gonna be all in peace with myself for doing something close to my heart!!
and haan...muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

#Chirpy:-yes Santa is born again...right timing na..christmas is just 2 months to go..i need to prepare all the gifts!!
and yeah..remember how i would always crave for doing it..and finally after so many years..i have finally stepped on the first step..:D
and yeah...muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

virdi said...

Santa se yaad aaya... Santa aur banta jokes...
Check out the simpoo singh videos...

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#virdi-This isnt the santa banta wala santa..its actually the santaclaus wala santa...big...fat..but cute:P...but yeah..u can even call it the santa banta wala santa-coz eventually thats what it transformed into:D