Tuesday, 14 October 2008

One fine day...

I wrote this yesterday..but due to sheer procrastination...it is coming here today...!!

Its been a hilarious day..
Two of my closest friends called me to say that last night they dreamt about me..and i was thrilled..

Lets call them J n T
So J pings me and T pings me too at the same time(G talk zindabad...!!) here are the excerpts of the conversation one after the other…

J: guess what .. i dreamt about you last night
Me:-Woow…that’s sweet..
J:-yeah..imagine this..we are friends for around 10 years now..and this is the first time I dreamt about you..
Me:-well yeah..thats sweet..so what was it

J:-Actually it was about Vin to be honest..you just came through in the end.
Me:- (All the more touched…my friend dreams about both of us)..really…tell…tell
J:- I dreamt that vinay is having an extramarital affair
Me: huh..thats interesting..and with who?
J:- Well I ‘ll leave it on u to guess it now..u guess it right and I treat you..or else you take me to Geoffereys when we are in Jaipur..
Me:-A…B…C…(names not disclosed..ofcourse on privacy terms)
J: - Huh..no none..
A lot more trying and senseless conversation later..I decided I didn’t want the treat..
Me:- Ok I give up..
J: with a iccha dhari dolphin
Me: huh?
Dolphin..i mean..out of all things a dolphin…I mean…(I was aghast…)
Me:- J%%*$*$ @#$%&$#
u make my husband have an affair with a dolphin out of all things?I love Dolphins ok!!
what an imagination!!
kudos to u!
J: haan.. as in i saw a woman but the moment it saw me.. it turned into a dolphin..
Me:-Wow..thats amazing..and then..
J:-Well Vin pleaded me not to tell u about it..since he really loved the dolphin…
And my heart went out to them…
Me:-….reading in anticipation…
And suddenly u arrived on the scene..and oh and u later killed it
what did u eat before u went to sleep?
it really isnt a normal dream
J: khichdee
oh I was amused when i woke up..its really funny isn’t it..imagine Vin with a Dolphin…!!it even rhymes...see...vin with a Dolphin..!!
Me: im amused now
J: thora dramatic ho gaya
though i wish u hadnt killed it
Me :- huh…why?!!
J: we couldv made millions on it
Me:- im out of words J..

simultaneously..this conversation happened with T..

T:-Hi moti
Me:- Hi T..hows u?
T :-know what..I dreamt about u last night..
T:-Yeah..and it’s a disturbing dream..Pehle I thought not to tell you..but tu to best friend hai na...got to tell u..
Me:-ohh..was I dying..?
T:-No..it wouldn’t have been disturbing then na..it was something else..
T:-You were having an extra marital affair..
Me:-Huh…really..wat animal is it?
T:-animal..why animal baba..u r a human na..human hi tha…
Me:-ohh thank god..
T:-Haan..to listen carefully.
Ur having an extra marital affair and ur husband gets to know..and he kills himself..
Who was it?
T:-you were having an affair with Vin..
Me:-T……..I m married to Vin..you moron!!
T:-Ya..i know..thats what is the disturbing part..i mean not ur married to vin..but u having an affair with him..i mean hope you understand..
Me:-huh!!ok..and ..
T:-So u have an extra marital with Vin..and ur giving dhoka to ur husband..who is in turn giving dhoka to u..but he thinks hes over smart...and has been getting away with it..
Me:-Huh..if we are both giving dhoka to each other..then why does my stupid husband goes ahead and kills himself..(confusion was at the pinnacle this time)
T:-Yeah..but then he did..on reasons undisclosed..i mean it was a dream c'mon..
Me:-Wow..and who is he and whats disturbing about it..
T:-The husband is Simba moti..
Me:-T..simba is a dog..your dog...how on earth can i have an affair with your dog!
T:- thats what i told you..it was so disturbing..!!
Me:- :|

I didn’t know what to do..i was in crazy splits and of course holding my head and wondering how can people even dream PJ's ...after listening to this mastermind work by two of my closest friends…
when I told them about their respective dreams..there was a new discussion that took place..putting me in yet another trouble.

I had to now decide whose dream was better..talk about humiliations..i had to decide which of the two humiliations was better!!!!!
Ofcourse the discussion got serious since there are always comparisons and fights between J n T..the last one was on the fact that I wrote T’s testimonial before I did so for J..and it took me 1 month to convince her to accept the one i wrote for her(yeah..we are all grown ups and out of school..and hold respectable jobs too!!)

While I was still recovering from the dreamy outbursts of my friends..
I recieved this fraandship message on Facebook….
For the sheer uniqueness of the message I still haven’t ignored the request…!!!

hi Richa my self rahul from jaipur I am 23 year old handsome n carring boy…
looking for friends in jaipur I am doing my own business I hv my own car CRV and like long drive n soft songs I like parties also
I am alone in jaipur so want a friend like u who can feel my feelings
If u wanna reply plz be positive I am waiting dear.......I just want frandship with you...


chirpy-paaro said...


How much I have adored J and T... Neverthless now I appreciate them more... :))

And of course u love animals...so extramarital have to be them only...

I am sure once u have killed the dolphin...Vin would be found barbecuing it... :)))))

Nidhi said...

Someone surely is enjoying the attention haan ;)



And woha man !! Tell your J and T to cut out on EKta Kapoor's daily soaps....

Take a break :P

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

@paro:-Well i dont have to tell you anything about them..You hve known/heard about them long enough..
and with each passing day..they have just been getting better..
cant expect too much...since they are both my friends..and the effects we have had on each other is clearly visible..
as for vinay barbecuing the dolphin-hell yea..u guessed it right..i wouldnt be surprised if i'd see him do that...
I'd rather not kill the poor soul..!!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#nidhi-I m more than pleased to pass on the attention to you..
you can go ahead..and im sure even he wouldnt mind that..
Have recieved a lot of friend requests..but this one is unique..really..isnt it?!!for my daily dose of fun..i look through it..and laugh my heart out!!

And for J and T..believe me Ekta kapoor has nothing to do with their distorted thoughts...they have been intact even before she was no where in scene....
sigh...if only they had the lime light before her..atleast the daily soaps would have some fun in them..dont you think!!:P

Varun said...

Blog hopped from Ps's blog.

The facebook request is simply awesome. ROFL :D

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#Varun:-thanks!i know..i use it for daily does of humor:-)

Ps said...

Gosh!!What dreams! Pls refer dreams dictionary.Dreams do convey subconsciuos things.

And I wonder how Rahul intends to do
carring!! :-) :-) Had written a post called 'Orkut and the X men' :)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#PS:-yeah..thats there..those two buddies of mine have had strangest of dream about me..and sadly that that time i wasnt much into writing n all..or else im sure i could have written a book on it..

Rahul-well no comments on him..since his friendship message still makes me laugh my heart out:-)

Urv said...

Hi Richa,

Me name is Urv. I am very filling boy and I am very caring boy also. I am very looking good also.

I also has my very own personal blog. There on that my blog I myself can write posts, edit posts, and reply to comments. I liking very much to meating people and doing a lot of good frands with them.

Does the above sound desperate enough :D At least those chaps should use a grammar book while writing their lovey dovey frandship requests.

Those were SOME dreams yaar. And how can you have an affair with a dog. I mean come on.

You should have had an affair with a lion. After all, its Simba-the lion :P :P

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#urv:-i liked ur frandship message..and it might surpass his talent as well...:-)keep trying:-)
and as for having an affair with a dog or a lion..phew..let that remain in T's dream only..i m happy loving humans:-)

Chriz said...

came here thru jammy's blog... do u like humor blogs? hop down to my page to see the one minute cranky video.. you myte enjoy it

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#welcome to the blog Chris..I loved your funny post about the PM:D

Cris said...

LOL! Thats some friends you have there!