Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another feather in the cap!!!

They say weird things happen to weird people.(I don’t know who said it though!!)

And according to my mum,I am the weirdest creature alive.. According to her, I am Some one who can get a double fracture after falling from a 2 feet height,or a multiple one when challenged by her stupid friends to walk on a thin pipe resting on a 7 feet ditch.
.. Who can get bitten by the Chemistry tutor’s dog at 7 in the morning (and still given the look of my-dog-could-die-because -of -biting-you look from the same man) Who can fall just like that while walking,or simply go bang any of the existent body parts against anything that is resting on the way
...Who has changed 4 phones in the last one year(simply because they broke),who looks for potholes while driving, or who made her kinetic look like a piece of such trash within a year of its arrival that even the nearest “kabadi” didn’t want to take it.
Simply a person who cant keep a single thing in a good state,including myself!!!

I had been experiencing bad pain in my hand for the past two months,(which I kept discounting as a simple muscular pain)and when finally Vin got pissed with me and dragged me to the doc and got my tests done,we came across the results

And so…I have managed to fracture the “Trequolim bone”in my hand.
Though not a major bone,its big enough to cause me good amount of pain
So ,while the rest of the world is worried about the fracture in the so called bone in my hand,my mom is busy noting down the incident as merely another feather in my cap!!

And ,when the doctor asked me, how I managed the wonder, I had no answer; Because frankly speaking, I don’t have the faintest clue on how the miracle happened.

But all of this hasn’t deterred me from doing that’s that I love toI still play with Rufus,I still get the house cleaned with the same elan,I still eat pizza with my hand,and still fight with Vin…
...and ofcourse I am blogging too!!!

*Atleast it gave me something to write about*

Friday, 24 April 2009

Jai Ho!!!

Ok...I know I have again done the disappearing act...and I have a zillion reasons for it again…. lack of time, too much work, cant think of something…and the other blahs like that...nevertheless i think that all these are plain simple excuses and its clearly the fact that my silly mind couldn’t get enough thoughts to pen down...

and nor did i think they would...until yesterday!!

I am not at all a cricket lover…The only sport I truly relish is Tennis…and I follow it like a religion(not that I follow my religion like one!!)...but when it comes to Cricket, I have my own prejudices…there are times when I totally hate the game...and a lot of it has to do with my father, my cousin brothers...and my set of cricket fanatic friends...All of them have always hyped the game so much…that it kind of got irritating for me…I understood papa's reasons for loving it(he himself being a good player in his times...until he got busy with lots of other stuff in life)...but when it comes to the other people...I just could never understand the craze...!!!All the more since its not even our national game and the poor national game is in crazy shambles…while the cricketers in India are busy minting money….The likes of Sachin, Dhoni, Dravid and etceteras have so much money with them that the next 3 generations can have crazy fun without batting an eyelid…and yet save enough for the next 2....

Having said that… Ofcourse just like any other girl,I do have my crushes on so many of them… Be it Peterson,or Dhoni;Pathan or Watson;my ever dearest Brett Lee ,Vettori or Warne…I think some of them are totally drool worthy…. and ofcourse I drool over them left right and centre

And comes IPL which by itself is the epitome of crazy money movements accompanied with scorching glamour.The biggies from all the walks of life having decided to have some fun with the excessivemoney in their bank accounts…and hence the concept of IPL…Cheers to Lalit Modi,(a man who was once a part of the poor Rajsthan Cricket council with unusual dreams in his eyes…) for having been able to sell IPL so well.

Whats most exciting is to see the greatest of the players from different countires coming together as a team…and voila how charming is that.Which means that I see Yuvraaj singh and Brett Lee as a part of one team and Peterson and Dravid as the part of another....Ahem!!!

My favourites are ofcourse the Rajasthan Royals.I loved the finals last year(the only match i saw from start to finish)and I totally freaked out on the match yesterday.From whatever limited matches I have forcefully seen in my life,I have enjoyed this one the most.What moments and what enthusiasm!!!Boy I was totally enthralled by Shane Warne and his team who were amazingly terrific.Ofcourse they had their weak moments with Munaaf Patel in a mood for some charity,but the ultimate win is what mattered…and they did..My love for Warne increased manifolds from the last season…he is that one leader who doesn’t need to say any un necessary jargons to win,he leads by example and he does it oh so charmingly…(wink winkI so totally hope that the Royals have a win this year too…Not because I am from Rajasthan,but because it is a team made of people who really have a lot to prove.It is a team who has people like Kamran Khan (who didn’t exist for cricketers,before Warne spotted him in the small town of Azamgarh)and the ones like Yousuf Pathan (who is hungry for the victory)…and some one like Warne who has the everyone against him(I can say that from the round of commentries I heard yesterday)…and who I feel is indeed the greatest Captain australia never had..(though I think Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting too are pretty good looking...mmmm!!!)

Being an avid cricket hater so far..I cannot sit and analyse the game and the jargons and the pitches and the reports….But I can just hope for some real nice and budding players to get the lime light they would have never got

So Royals…go halla bol