Monday, 25 August 2008


I read this post in one of my friends blogs..and couldnt resist posting it here..
The reason..I feel sick at having the journos of this country speaking so ill about women!!
I am glad KJ replied back...not that i think it would have made nay difference to the kinda thinking the man possesses..yet..
i think answer back is the least we women can do!!

"Ok this is what Abhijit Bhattacharya, journalist, CNN-IBN had to say in his blog,about women. Me thinks he shld have been an social anthropologist instead of being a journalist, since he understands women so well.

(K)not for Women!!!

Thursday , April 20, 2006

We all must have heard of the saying "Behind every successful man, there is a
woman.". And there is tag to it too - "Behind every unsuccessful man, there are
two women.". So, if we go for statistical correlation - success has nothing to
do with women being there with men but failure surely has a strong correlation
to women.

Though often referred to as the "fairer sex" (note the pun),
women have not done much credible in the past centuries, as is usually potrayed.
And it is utter nonsense to believe that men have degraded the status of women
in the society. On the contrary, men, in fact, have toiled hard for the
emancipation of the "woman-kind".

Nature has been cruel (or just) on women too. God, at some
point of HIS creation-spree must have decided to act as a Capitalist and endow
men with power and women with things which have no distant relations,
whatsoever, with power. No wonder, Bill Gates was not born a woman. Neither were
Michael Schumacher or Mahatma Gandhi. (It is a serious nightmare even to
contemplate about them being born as women.).

A certain obsessed lady wrote to me lately saying how
attractive women are and that women are God's most beautiful creation. With due
respect to all Kournikovas and the Bipashas of the world, I think that most of
us would rather prefer to watch the first raindrops of the season disappear in
the sand or the dolphins dancing to symphony than watching malnourished and
"malfunctioned"(wardrobically!!!) women. Methinks, the word 'beautiful' loses
its meaning and essence the moment the word 'women' is pronounced after it. They
are just so oxymoronic.
Women have always been the reason for major fights
and disasters. If we regress the story of Mahabharta and analyze why the epic
fight was fought - we would easily find the reason to be Draupadi (a woman). Ram
fought Ravana for Sita (again, a woman). And we all know what Cleopatra, Helen
and Mata Hari have in common - they were all the reasons behind major historical
fights and wars. Taking a peek into literature - Catherine was the reason why
Heathcliff turned vengeful, Devdas became a deadman because of two women and how Humbert got wiped off because of Lolita. Moving on to films - Caprio dies to
save Winslet from drowning and Raj gets creamed up by Simran's father and his
goons only because he loves her. The examples are innumerable.I need not say

Liberalization. A mantra which women today chant every morning even before waking up. But liberalization from what or who? If women were emotionally and physically strong enough, then am sure they would not have been subjugated in the first place. And subjugation from whom? Men? And to help them out of their subjugation they seek men. That, people, is their game plan - make men fight amongst themselves and get ruined.

Some people love to name achievers. But just to refresh their memories - for every Aang Sang Soo Kyi there are tens of Subhash Boses; for every hundreds of JK Rowling there are hundreds of Paulo Coelhos; for every Marie Curie there are thousands of John Nashes; for every Chris Evert there are millions of Tiger Woods. And I presume that women are intelligent enough to comprehend the difference between one and a million.

If there is anything, which is more complex and complicated than a toad's anatomy - it is the mind of the woman. One moment they plant a peck on your cheek and the very next moment, you feel their knees crashing into your belly. I wrote this blog with a little fear in my mind. I wrote this without my girlfriend's knowledge (I do not need her; she needs me). No, I am not scared of her. Maybe after reading this article, she might kiss me on my cheek. It is the next moment that I fear!!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

First car!!

I feel superbly excited today...

the reason is that me n vin have just come from the hyundai showroom...having booked our first car together..
and the feeling is superbly crazy...exhilerating..wonderful...joyous..and what not..

after a 2 week long research..discussions with family and friends..finally came to the conclusion of buying a Hyundai i10..

Two people who have a big hand in the finalising of the car is two of my closest friends..
Amit and batra..
had it not been for them...i would have still been stuck on some weird car options of an alto..or a spark..
so finally...paid the booking amount..and will be the proud owner of a hyundai i10 magna on the 3rd of september..

Just cant wait for the day to come in..its still 2 weeks away..and the wait seems sooooooooo long:-(

Cant pen down the thought of buying something substantial from your own money...

Im loooooooooving it!!!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Cinderella Man!!!

I watched Cinderella Man Yesterday...
The movie is a real story of a Heavy Weight Champion in the 1930’s- James Braddock...

In the middle of the Great Depression, when America in the grips of a devastating economic downturn was nearly brought to its knees, there emerged a most unlikely hero who had crowds cheering on their feet-as he proved just how hard a man would fight to win a second chance for his family and himself.

That common-man hero was James J. Braddock-a.k.a. the "Cinderella Man"-who was to become one of the most surprising and inspirational sports legends in history. By the early 1930s, the impoverished ex-prizefighter was seemingly as broken-down, beaten-up and out-of-luck as much of the rest of the American populace. Like so many others, Braddock had hit rock bottom. His career appeared to be finished, he was unable to pay the bills, the only thing that really mattered to him-his family-was in danger, and he was even forced to go on Public Relief. But deep inside, Jim Braddock never relinquished his determination. Driven by love, honor and an incredible dose of grit, he willed an impossible dream to come true.

In a last-chance bid to help his family, Braddock returned to the ring. No one thought he had a shot. In bout after bout, the talk was that poor Jim Braddock was criminally out-matched and perilously in over his head. Except that Braddock, fueled by something beyond mere competition, kept winning. Suddenly, the ordinary working man who couldn't get a job became the mythic athlete who could not lose. Carrying the hopes and dreams of the disenfranchised on his shoulders, Braddock rocketed through the ranks, until this underdog who defied all the odds chose to do the unthinkable: take on the heavyweight champ of the world, the unstoppable Max Baer, renowned for having killed two men in the ring.

He WON it..Not because of anything else..but the power that out powered everything for those few moments..
The love for his family..
His three kids who he looked into the eye and promised that no matter what..he would never send them away..
His wife..Mae..who prayed every moment for the life of the man she so deeply loved..who supported him through each stride of his..without a complaint
For the sheer determination to bring his family out from the dumps..the determination to not fail them anymore..

it is wonderful to know just how remarkable human endurance and the power of love can be. It is so difficult to imagine what it's like to cope in the moment, facing life's daily hardships, and to continue to passionately strive toward a goal-even a simple one like putting food on the table-no matter what the outcome turns out to be.

I feel so petty at petty for complaining about the hardships of life..the sadness I go through..the so called things I do not have..
I feel petty for being such an ordinary human being..
For we are always in need for something we don’t have..We want to raise up from the current levels we are on .We envy the more successful people..who have a little more of it than us..who got bigger cars..bigger houses..
But we don’t think what its like for those people who don’t know if they are eating their next meal or not..
For people who do not have the bare cover themselves from the heat or the cold..

And then I am reminded of what mamma tells me everytime I complain about the difficulties of my life..
“We must thank God each day..for he is letting us survive the test of the time..he has given us enough food..enough money..and a shelter to house ourselves in..he has given us enough that we can sustain this life..without a shrink on our face..think about the people who died of poverty..malnutrition..bomb blasts…terrorist attacks..of the kids,.who were left stranded..infants..who did not know what the world is all about and slept forever before they could open their eyes.”

And today is one of those days..when I want to thank that Cinderella Man..who is looking over me..taking care of me..of my family..somewhere up there..
He does test me at times.but that’s just his way of showing me..that there is always more to life than the happiness..and I should be ready for it.
To tell me that I am blessed..and he loves me..
And today I want to tell him..that I love him..for taking care of me..and the people I Love..for giving me people to to think to eat..and shelter to cover my head..without having to beg for it..
Money to survive..and more than enough to support another life…
An be independent..
Parents-who have given me more than everything I ever wanted(and that why im so spoilt)
Friends-who have been there with me through my bad times..
And lessons to remember..mistakes (some huge ones)..from which I learnt a lot about things I never could have..unless I had committed them..

To make me realize..that everytime I was doing something wrong. I had people..who wanted to protect me..if only I had listened to them and not drifted ways..
But im still grateful..that those people are still by side.…even though they have seen all the good..bad and ugly sides of me

Things that he took back from me were probably never mine..and that’s why I have no right to question him..and thus I will not..

Life is much bigger and broader than what we can think of..We should be thankful that our corner is green

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I have been attacked by a tag. This time Priyanka and Nidhi have tagged me.
Ok this is the first time I have been tagged...and my dearest friends get a lot of fun out of challenging a technically challenged person like me over such issues..
But I am gonna try anyways:-)

The rules for this tag:
1) Link the person who tagged you.
2) Mention the rules on your blog.
3) Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4) Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5) Leave a comment on each Tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been Tagged.

Since I am already linked to the lovely ladies..I can start with my unspectacular quirks..Though people who have spent a considerable amount of time with me would be able to tell more on that front..I can still try..

1)I cant stand when people burp and get hiccups....I know no one likes it when someone does it loud n in public..but the problem with me is..I cant stand the minutest sound of it..and it almost makes me wanna throw up..something I again cannot stand..

2)I cant stand a messy house..I turn restless and paranoid if I see things messed up..My poor husband faces the maximum impact of this habit of much so that within 5 months of our marriage,he has almost turned into a cleanliness freak himself(Now I know a lot of people may disagree with this..esp my mum,,,but then call it the turn of time..this is a habit that has automatically gotten imbibed in in the last 2 years)..
The heights of being it such..that Vinay calls me Monica(of FRIENDS fame) now.

3)I go berserk for SHOPPING...I am a shopoholic..and I would do anything to buy things...the first thing that comes to my mind when i get my salary is the latest shopping destination.Be it..clothes,,shoes,,bags,,Groceries...vegetables..and fruits..i love buying it and keeping all the wardrobes stocked..Be it any kinda shopping n be it for anyone..I love it..:-)

4)I am a maniac at times..I come across as an extremely friendly person to whoever I meet the first time.and my laughter is one thing people around me cant starts from the little errie sound to the thunder of a devil..along with a capability to be out on anyones face and anywhere :-)
but then no one knows when i lose it completely.The jokes that make sense to me suddenly would start seeming meaningless and then I would shout at the peak of my voice,,and that shows the ugliest side of my temper..(which in any case is pretty bad)..
P.S-Just today this one guy in my team had to face it...I hated him the from the word go..and today he just tried to crack a joke at my expense and had it in front of 15 odd people..I dont think he would even utter a word in front of me now..Good for him though!

5)I cannot remember things for nuts..names..places..people..and thats such a big trouble for me..I go n meet my nicest self..and the next time someone comes across and says a hi..I m left wondering "who the hell is he now...?"Sometimes I tend to forget what I was about to say a moment occasional habit for some..but a regular for me..there are places I visit..and the next I am there..Im still wondering why the place looks familiar to me..

6)My figure...and my shorts..These two things have always been the favourite joke amongst all my friends..Like I mentioned above that I have a fetish for shopping..and I love buying shorts..but the problem turns up when I try n wear them..No matter how sexy they may be..they never make me look one..infact..they turn out to be the biggest joke for the day..Now this ones not something I can help..yet it is something that all my close friends.. always associate with me...

Now..since I do not know any other people still on this forum..I'd go ahead and tag both Nidhi and Priyanka again:-)

I have another thought running in my mind..and I wanna put it here..before I forget about it..

till we "read" again!!


Purple Hazed!!

First Day...Yet again!

its my first day at work..after a 5 month long hiatus..
hiatus life took an entire shift in this duration..
So iam back to being a software engineer to an mnc..sitting in front of a computer after 5 long months of wait...had been dying to get back to work..and here iam..back to the monotonous life of a software engineer..that starts and ends around sitting in front of the comp..
and im back to living the typical life of a SE..get up in the morning..get ready and reach office...login to the idiot box(well yes the definition of an idiot box has changed over a few years!!),check emails..go for tea break..come back..try and do some work..go for a stroll to ur colleague's desk..come back to the idiot box coz the PL is checking on everyones work....hurray!!suddenly its lunch time..spend an hour on lunch n a walk post lunch..get back to the box..tea break..orkut/gmail/facebook/linked in..n blah blah..and time to go back home!!!!on some special days..ur encountered with a few meetings (to reduce the strain on the eyes that u develop sitting 12-14 hours in front of a PC)and if the lady luck isnt favoring u..u may even end up getting a good public firing..the routine appraisal..the routine then why is it that i had been cribbing for the past 5 get back to this life?what is it with me..that everything now seems to hold just no not excited about the new job..well i would be lying if i wud say i m not totally excited..ofcourse i have the thrill of having money every month to go and indulge in my shopping escapades:-)but then when i say excitement..i mean the professional thrill..i just dont get the kicks and i dont like doing what im doing..i dont want to just sit in a cubicle and write codes..i want to move people..make something constructive n not stay on the mercy of my manager to appraise me for the work i do and he probably knows nothing about..i want to break free...break free from this outine life of a software engineer..break free..and follow my mind..follow my where it takes something more worthwhile..something productive..and something that can probably return the excitement of my life..the excitement to have fun..and the excitement that one gets when happy!!
the other day i was watching "heavy petting"on NDTV good times..and there those guys were showcasing a place called "the royal kennels" in pune..
i loved the whole idea of it..the way those animals were being pampered in there...had rooms to themselves and people to feed them..
they were genuinely happy dogs who had no anguish or anything for their visitors..they indulged in pillow fights...happily took their baths..went out for long strolls...played a lot..and ate a lot..
and all of it felt so good to the eyes..that there are people who understand the plight of animals..
though it was a purely 5 star treatment for the privileged dogs who had rich just brought a little thought to my mind..
what if some day i can start a place like that..
a place where theres love for all the street animals..all the poor beings who dont get food for days or are killed mercilessly by the ongoing road traffic.,
if only i had the money..the resources to do it..this is one thing i would wanna do..
i havent been happier in the last one year(i mean the happiness one gets out of seeing someone else..happiness which is beyond ones self) than i was when i saw those little one playing here n there..
i dont know how many of weird dreams that i dream would ever come true..
but i live in the hope..that someday iam able to do something which is beyond myself..beyond the pressures of family...and relatives...this world..the boundations
something which is only for the purest emotion in the world.."LOVE"
may be someday i can rise up and stand tall..and "DO WHAT I WANNA DO"

in a hope for a better tomorrow...

Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane na

As the title suggests...I saw this movie yesterday..and truly speaking I never thought I would dedicate an entire post to a movie..I mean..i have such a long list of favorite movies..and not even once did it occur to me to mention something as temporary as a movie in todays date..movies today are a passe..u watch them once..and dont bother to see them the next time..they ae always a one time watch..
And in my case...theres just one movie ever since that has been close to my heart..DDLJ..only because the movie says that once in love..the heart knows nothing..
and here i am..writing about a movie..which has all new comers..has been made by a new director..and has just about nothing special..and nothing new..yet..its one movie..that has touched my hear deep within..
i dont know who should i praise for this crazy crazy stuff that got released on 4th July-2008..ImranKhan..Genelia..the set of friends..naseer,,,the whom the story was narratedor my fave of the lot...Arbaaz and sohail khan!!
Or should i think about the creative genius of this one guy..who is beyond compare..AAMIR KHAN..though hes just the producer of the movie..all of us know that he'd have had a major hand in the direction..
i do not have many words for the movie..its not a creative brilliance..theres nothing new in the story..and every scene in the movie is predictable..and yet..the movie binds you completely..the sheer innocence of meow and rats is so touching..that everytime they are heart goes out to them..
i cried when they cried..and i was the happiest..when they held hands and hugged each other..i loved it when they were together.and did not need anyone else.

both these new actors have done such an amazing job..they actually seem like they r meow and rats and not genelia and imran..their acting is again no rocket science...yet it is so natural..that u cant help but fal in love with the two of them:-)
the best of friends..for forever.. and stil dont know that they are deeply in love with each other..even though the entire world knows about it..and their search for a companion for their best friend..the jealousy when the other is away with someone..the feeling of missing him/her..the uncomfort that gradually seeps in to that wonderful friendship..just about everything has been so beautifully portrayed..
the movie is really unreal...yet it makes one dream of a world like gives you such a feel good feeling..and sweeps u along with a cool cool actually make u believe.. that theres a world where friends like this exist..where love is so pure...where families are so tied by the bond of love even though they are the most modern of the makes u feel..that even with ur strange weaknesses..theres someone in this world..who is crazy about u..

it makes me want to go back to college and revive so much that i lost out makes me want to wipe out the disastrous first relationship i had(something that i kept missing for years after it was over)it makes me want to grow younger..and happier..and it makes me wanna tell all my friends how wonderful they have been..makes me wanna tell him..that no matter how old we may get and even though I may not sustain ..he will still be a part of me..the movie is a celebration of the purest emotions called love and friendship..

whoever said that love and friendship dont mix..must have been a lunatic..the two are so entwined..and this is what meow and rats told us through their innocence..

it makes u fall in love with the feeling of falling in makes you never wanna grow makes u many times it makes u feel just urself..

"tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata hi nahi dil lubhata koi..jaane tu..ya jaane na.."

Gift of the day

This is one of the many gifts that I keep getting from vin..but ya..this ones a little I got it after a little fight:-)

Here you go..

I want to be with you forever,
I won't ever do you wrong,
If only I could explain it to you,
I'd write you a love song.

Baby your the dream I see,
Every night when I'm asleep,
Your the best thing ever,
Your the girl I want to keep.
Your like the oxygen in the air,
You keep me breathing each day,
Every time you say I love you,
It takes my breath away.

I'm happy when I wake up,
I'm happy when I go to bed,
I'm happy knowing I have you,
I've been happy since the day we met.

Your the strength in my heart,The pieces, the parts,
love not hard, its keeping me moving, instead of fallin' apart,
the love I've been lookin' for, from the very start,
baby its you, your the one who deserves my heart.

I want to show you this baby,
If there is a way I can,
I will do all I can do,
To show you exactly where I stand.

I believe we can make it through anything,
We can be together this whole life long,
We can make it through all the bad times baby,
Because the feelings we have are very strong.

I want to hold you in my arms,
For more than ever and a day,
I want to explain to you how much I love you,
If I knew I wouldn't run out of words to say.

Baby this is the future I want,
Holding you high up in the air,
Knowing you are all mine,
Showing you I'm always there,
Being myself all the time,
Running my fingers through your hair,
Baby I want to be with you forever,
I hope you can see that I really care.

I'm here for you baby,
Please see that it's true,
You are my whole life,
My whole heart, and I love you.

This is to you Baby,
I can't see us ever falling apart,
I want to be with you always,
I Love You With All of My Heart!!

I am rendered speechless after the sheer beauty of the thought vin has put in this creation:-)

Love you baby!!!