Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I have been attacked by a tag. This time Priyanka and Nidhi have tagged me.
Ok this is the first time I have been tagged...and my dearest friends get a lot of fun out of challenging a technically challenged person like me over such issues..
But I am gonna try anyways:-)

The rules for this tag:
1) Link the person who tagged you.
2) Mention the rules on your blog.
3) Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4) Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5) Leave a comment on each Tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been Tagged.

Since I am already linked to the lovely ladies..I can start with my unspectacular quirks..Though people who have spent a considerable amount of time with me would be able to tell more on that front..I can still try..

1)I cant stand when people burp and get hiccups....I know no one likes it when someone does it loud n in public..but the problem with me is..I cant stand the minutest sound of it..and it almost makes me wanna throw up..something I again cannot stand..

2)I cant stand a messy house..I turn restless and paranoid if I see things messed up..My poor husband faces the maximum impact of this habit of much so that within 5 months of our marriage,he has almost turned into a cleanliness freak himself(Now I know a lot of people may disagree with this..esp my mum,,,but then call it the turn of time..this is a habit that has automatically gotten imbibed in in the last 2 years)..
The heights of being it such..that Vinay calls me Monica(of FRIENDS fame) now.

3)I go berserk for SHOPPING...I am a shopoholic..and I would do anything to buy things...the first thing that comes to my mind when i get my salary is the latest shopping destination.Be it..clothes,,shoes,,bags,,Groceries...vegetables..and fruits..i love buying it and keeping all the wardrobes stocked..Be it any kinda shopping n be it for anyone..I love it..:-)

4)I am a maniac at times..I come across as an extremely friendly person to whoever I meet the first time.and my laughter is one thing people around me cant starts from the little errie sound to the thunder of a devil..along with a capability to be out on anyones face and anywhere :-)
but then no one knows when i lose it completely.The jokes that make sense to me suddenly would start seeming meaningless and then I would shout at the peak of my voice,,and that shows the ugliest side of my temper..(which in any case is pretty bad)..
P.S-Just today this one guy in my team had to face it...I hated him the from the word go..and today he just tried to crack a joke at my expense and had it in front of 15 odd people..I dont think he would even utter a word in front of me now..Good for him though!

5)I cannot remember things for nuts..names..places..people..and thats such a big trouble for me..I go n meet my nicest self..and the next time someone comes across and says a hi..I m left wondering "who the hell is he now...?"Sometimes I tend to forget what I was about to say a moment occasional habit for some..but a regular for me..there are places I visit..and the next I am there..Im still wondering why the place looks familiar to me..

6)My figure...and my shorts..These two things have always been the favourite joke amongst all my friends..Like I mentioned above that I have a fetish for shopping..and I love buying shorts..but the problem turns up when I try n wear them..No matter how sexy they may be..they never make me look one..infact..they turn out to be the biggest joke for the day..Now this ones not something I can help..yet it is something that all my close friends.. always associate with me...

Now..since I do not know any other people still on this forum..I'd go ahead and tag both Nidhi and Priyanka again:-)

I have another thought running in my mind..and I wanna put it here..before I forget about it..

till we "read" again!!



Nidhi said...


You read ma mind or what ?

Apart from ur first point, I thought it was me writing on ur blog :D

Hence proved tu sachchi aquarian hia :)

Next whenever we meet lets go for shopping :D

chirpy-paaro said...

I think I knw almostt all of ur quirks..the most astomshing one was point 2.. never knew.u is category mein aa jayegi. :)