Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane na

As the title suggests...I saw this movie yesterday..and truly speaking I never thought I would dedicate an entire post to a movie..I mean..i have such a long list of favorite movies..and not even once did it occur to me to mention something as temporary as a movie in todays date..movies today are a passe..u watch them once..and dont bother to see them the next time..they ae always a one time watch..
And in my case...theres just one movie ever since that has been close to my heart..DDLJ..only because the movie says that once in love..the heart knows nothing..
and here i am..writing about a movie..which has all new comers..has been made by a new director..and has just about nothing special..and nothing new..yet..its one movie..that has touched my hear deep within..
i dont know who should i praise for this crazy crazy stuff that got released on 4th July-2008..ImranKhan..Genelia..the set of friends..naseer,,,the whom the story was narratedor my fave of the lot...Arbaaz and sohail khan!!
Or should i think about the creative genius of this one guy..who is beyond compare..AAMIR KHAN..though hes just the producer of the movie..all of us know that he'd have had a major hand in the direction..
i do not have many words for the movie..its not a creative brilliance..theres nothing new in the story..and every scene in the movie is predictable..and yet..the movie binds you completely..the sheer innocence of meow and rats is so touching..that everytime they are heart goes out to them..
i cried when they cried..and i was the happiest..when they held hands and hugged each other..i loved it when they were together.and did not need anyone else.

both these new actors have done such an amazing job..they actually seem like they r meow and rats and not genelia and imran..their acting is again no rocket science...yet it is so natural..that u cant help but fal in love with the two of them:-)
the best of friends..for forever.. and stil dont know that they are deeply in love with each other..even though the entire world knows about it..and their search for a companion for their best friend..the jealousy when the other is away with someone..the feeling of missing him/her..the uncomfort that gradually seeps in to that wonderful friendship..just about everything has been so beautifully portrayed..
the movie is really unreal...yet it makes one dream of a world like gives you such a feel good feeling..and sweeps u along with a cool cool actually make u believe.. that theres a world where friends like this exist..where love is so pure...where families are so tied by the bond of love even though they are the most modern of the makes u feel..that even with ur strange weaknesses..theres someone in this world..who is crazy about u..

it makes me want to go back to college and revive so much that i lost out makes me want to wipe out the disastrous first relationship i had(something that i kept missing for years after it was over)it makes me want to grow younger..and happier..and it makes me wanna tell all my friends how wonderful they have been..makes me wanna tell him..that no matter how old we may get and even though I may not sustain ..he will still be a part of me..the movie is a celebration of the purest emotions called love and friendship..

whoever said that love and friendship dont mix..must have been a lunatic..the two are so entwined..and this is what meow and rats told us through their innocence..

it makes u fall in love with the feeling of falling in makes you never wanna grow makes u many times it makes u feel just urself..

"tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata hi nahi dil lubhata koi..jaane tu..ya jaane na.."

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Nidhi said...

Indeed a beautiful movie which said it all without saying much with words :)

Hats of to every character in the movie and all the creative people behind the scenes for making a IMPERFECT PERFECT movie :)

I fully agree with you... Frenship and love... they totally are entwingled,... a part of one lies in other and vice versa... :)

anyways, may we get to see more of such beautiful movies in future :)