Thursday, 21 August 2008

First car!!

I feel superbly excited today...

the reason is that me n vin have just come from the hyundai showroom...having booked our first car together..
and the feeling is superbly crazy...exhilerating..wonderful...joyous..and what not..

after a 2 week long research..discussions with family and friends..finally came to the conclusion of buying a Hyundai i10..

Two people who have a big hand in the finalising of the car is two of my closest friends..
Amit and batra..
had it not been for them...i would have still been stuck on some weird car options of an alto..or a spark..
so finally...paid the booking amount..and will be the proud owner of a hyundai i10 magna on the 3rd of september..

Just cant wait for the day to come in..its still 2 weeks away..and the wait seems sooooooooo long:-(

Cant pen down the thought of buying something substantial from your own money...

Im loooooooooving it!!!


Nidhi said...

Congrats Love :)

I can definitely feel your excitement :) Njoy the long romantic drives more often now ;)

chirpy-paaro said...

Congratulations and Celebrations...!!!
The only thing bad is traffic...and Petrol...