Monday, 19 October 2009

When you are gone!

Bauji went away...but he did leave his blessings with me..
and no matter the distance between us..i know he can hear me..

Life has changed and changed are things,
When you are gone,gone thus far

I know you can hear me when i say i love you
i know you do,
i know you feel it when you are being missed
i know you do,
The words unspoken,the talks we were yet to share,
For you my friend,have left us the world so bare,
So many miles to walk,but i know you are beside,right there!

I know you know it when i say,I miss you my friend,
I know you do!

Thank you Bauji for being there for me always..I wanted to share this day with you,but i guess i got late.But I also know that your smiling down at me from the heaven above!!
You are greatly missed!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A slip away

Death is nothing at all,
a heavenly slip into the next room..
I am I and you are you,
whatever we were to each other,
we still are!
Call me by my familiar name,
Pray,smile,think of me
Pray for me..
Let my name ever be the household word,
that it was.
Let it be spoken without effect
without a trace of shadow on it

Life means all that it ever meant,
it is the same as it ever was..
That unspoken continuity

Why should I be out of mind,
just because I am out of sight!!!

P.S:-Vinays Grandfather and my grand father in law passed away on 1st october.He was my role model,my friend,someone who encouraged me for everything I wanted to do in life.some one who himself was an icon.someone who loved us all immensely..
someone I am never going to stop missing all my life.
Rest in peace bauji...we really love you!