Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Failure is important..

If it hadnt been for one,I would have still been running towards something..which I really did not want to do..

Im glad..that at that point in my life,I failed..

Even though I am still clueless on what I want to do..I atleast know what I definitely dont' want to do..

That's one hurdle less...

Shine on!!:)

Thursday, 8 July 2010


Raste na badle na badla jahaan...
fir kyun badalte kadam hain yahaan?

Monday, 21 June 2010

Reality check

Reality can hit you real hard on the face...
...and in most cases it should!

Waking up to the harder truth is not a choice one lives with,but once in a while ,each one of us needs it to wake up from the myths we live with.It gets difficult and it may seem insurmountable,but isnt that too little an effort to a life time of happiness?

Monday, 7 June 2010

autumn to spring...

eclipses in time and memories etched on the canvas of a mind

smiles bygone and the moments of tease ,with those moments of undying ease

the magic spurning desires entwined and hearts melting in the rye of time

the moments that were,of a life

that revolved around the circle of his arms

the whispered nothings and mindless desires;

countless hours and endless banter..

early good mornings and sleep less nights

or sneaking away that last kiss good night

how can i not astonish on the beauty i see through my heart and my eyes

I carress this sleepless mind and ask to be set free

I build on my dreams now..

on the foundations of my castles under the rainbow tree

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

a new awakening:)

Like all aquarians,I suffer from a problem of having a very very fickle mind..a mind that can never stay at peace and needs something or the to occupy it all the time..

Definitely not a great quality to have,since mostly the person in question ends up being a extremely restless and high on energy...with a frustration of not finding a exit to vent out the sudden burst of energies..

I,definitely have the trouble of controlling my mind and staying at peace.A problem I struggled with all my life till I found the peace in capturing the world through my camera...

and Im glad i found it..because I have never felt better than in the last few months.And if there's one lesson I have got out of this hobby is to be patient and to find an ability to take out time for something I love the most.

updated some pictures on my photoblog.. how much i love clicking these pictures..i wish i had awakened a little early..:)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Dark,unruly,fiesty state of being
or the happily melancholic side
timid,contrived or intrepid moments
simply sweeping deep and wide
Understated and unfamiliar,
the territories I try to surpass,
the ways I try to mend
the vision I encompass
Wonder what lies ahead..
the complexities of a frenzied mind....

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

hold on

what I wish to do is..

to stare endlessly into the space,
until the difference between the finite and the infinite comes to a standstill.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The photo blog

So I finally created my photoblog..

So the idea is,that I am going to be very regular with both of these..and i really really want to make this work:)

All d best Santa:)


Ok I didnt go to the north pole to hibernate..I just disappeared because my mind was stocked with everything else but thoughts..
Too much activity isnt always good..and that is precisely what happened to me..
I got stocked with stuff I wasnt supposed to. I am back and not sure how many are still reading what I write..
But there's an addition to my blog.I am an amateur shutterbug and high time I thought of giving this hobby some more room.
In the process of updating my photoblog.
For now ,there's one sneak peek into what I have been upto in my free time(i.e whatever is left of it)

Friday, 8 January 2010


I sit on the fence,
looking about for traces of my shadow
sunshine and dews and things as such,
wondering if it will ever rain?

Astounded,and perplexed
my mind wanders to a beat so mellow
awakened,with the misty yellow
I know,the time has come!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Halo Over my head!!

Its my litle secret..for i have found a friend,one i never had,
for they say,relations mature with time,and friendships better as they age,
not that i disagree,but not fully concur
I now know for sure,
friends arent seasonal,though they might come with them
they arent occassional,though that may appear
they are for life,even when u find one on the day you are dying!!

Everyone has friends,i have them too,some old,some new,some fresh as dew!!
heres a toast to friendship,relationships and love,no matter the form
a reason to believe in Him,my best friend,who has given me reasons to smile..

what follows below,is a note from an anonymous admirer, a little secret..which i want to keep only to myself:)

You are not a Reality,for realities can be touched
You are not a Dream,for dreams can be seen
You are not a Mirage,for Mirages can be true
You are not a Mystery,for Mysteries can be solved
Life can be sought, Love can be attained...
...but how do we seek an Angel??

I don’t understand Divine Hymns but with you I wanna try
I don’t understand the chants they recite but I know the fruit is you;
I don’t wanna get caught in the web of your memories,
but I don’t know how to get out of this addiction,but again I don’t think I even wanna!!!
Like a Psychedelic dream taking over the last shreds of sanity...

For sweetness can’t be defined in adjectives,
for cuteness is just another form of you,
your Beauty is not for the beholders’s only for me!!!

The warmth of your hug would be like Aphrodite whispering in my ear
the passion of your kiss like God himself singing me a lullaby!!!

What do I compare thee to??
For snowflakes are rough in front of your touch,
for mountain springs feel impure compared to your heart,
sunshine dark in front of your glow,and dewdrops shapeless in front of your eyes!!!

You give life with just a smile...all I ask is to breathe some life into my being too!!!