Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Fantasies of the Santa coming true

“Some thing tells me its beautiful out there”

When I started this blog..and I named it Santasizing..Fantasizing..no one really understood the reasons for the weird name..and it didnt matter then..
when someone named me Santa long back..he did it on a purpose..I always wondered why I was the santa out of all the wonderful people in the world who really were santa like(i associated Santa only with the lovely gifts on christmas)..but since i loved the name a tad too much..i accepted it with complete elan and a big grin on my face..
but as i grew up in my mind(or thats what i think!!)..and moved on in life..i realised the reason behind this funny little name..and thats when..i knew..i loved being the Santa..Santa to my family..and the kids in the house..and the little(and huge) pets of mine..and Santa to just about everyone who I loved..(and even not loved)..Soon the Santa Fantasized on a lot of things she wanted to really do in her life span here on this earth..
and today..she has moved a step closer towards the fantasy that remains closest to her heart..!!

Today I got the acceptance to be a part of the core team at PFA Bangalore(people for animals)

…and this is when I can say that I am doing atleast some part of something what I really really want to…

As I was speaking to the manager at PFA…I felt a rush of excitement a joy rush down me…excitement at the prospect of doing something for animals-a dream I nurtured for long..for knowing people who share the same passion as mine,,and for knowing people for who money is not everything to sustain..and people who really really have a heart to actually go out and do something and expect nothing in return..
And it feels wonderful to take the very first steps towards it…

We all work for poor people. and their upliftment..and in all senses it’s a wonderful thing to do…but we never think about the animals… who cannot speak to us or understand us..but only love us unconditionally..
And as some one said it correctly…

”our real heritage is not the big buildings we make..its the nature and the animals with who we must learn to co-exist”

Starting Thursday I will be one of the core members for PFA team in Bangalore and we have an exciting agenda lined up…
Meeting with the forest department,meeting with the Tata’s ,organizing a wellness camp for all the stray,wounded,uncared for animals…creating new programs and arranging volunteers..organizing camps… and so much more…coz the work has just begun

And finally im going to be around the beings I love the most-animals…

This indeed is little sunshine coming out in the gloomy weather of Bangalore...
...And so the Santa has decided to come out of hibernation finally...and begin the fun ride yet again..!!

Christmas..here I come!!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Im bored!!

Im bored..iam bored…im bored….bored bored bored..!!!bored...bored...bored!!!!

For the past few days I have been essentially bored out of everything I do..or I don’t do..or I plan to do..or even things that I don’t plan to do.. and this syndrome took a sudden upswing last evening once I was done with my super yummy dinner of Rajma chawal..I got suddenly bored..
Just as i finished the dinner..and was thinking on now what..I realised..i was bored..
Ignoring it all..we decided on planning the coming long weekened which is finally here after the long wait..and in the process of planning some thing fun for it..I got BORED…so bored that I realized I didn’t want to go anywhere..
surprised by the sudden outcome of events..I thought sleeping would be the best thing..and so i dozed off..feeling bored ofcourse..

I got up in the morning..not feeling fresh..but feeling bored..I headed for the daily chores…the breakfast(my fave meal of the day after dinner!!)..the office and the office work..

I got bored when I drove to work …bored of listening to the same old songs I have been listening to for so long..bored of facing the traffic and taking hours to reach office..which bored me further..bored of looking at the laptop screen for hours..which im not willing to give up ..and in all this im even bored of facing the funny things that keep happening with me..

Now the question here is if I am sad or depressed about some thing..???
Life’s good..job’s ok(ok now job’s very bad..but who cares..its just a few hours of your day)house is good..vehicles are good..my maids are now settled and even they are good..and now I don’t have to deal with the autowalas anymore..
So that says it that I don’t have a reason to be sad..
But then again..im bored..I am so bored that as I write this..i don’t know what on earth am I typing ..
So the answer is no..im not sad..or depressed..I am just BORED out of proportion..

This whole incident has worried the hell out of me..I am really not able to figure out the reasons for being so bored..Is it some kind of Oh-Im-so-bored-that-i-will-snooze-soon syndrome?or is it some kinda disease that has taken the form of boredom and might transform into something bigger....I roll my eyes in suspicion as I wonder on this strange phase iam going through..and yet iam not able to find a suitable answer to the whole confusion of this sudden boredom…

I tried doing/planning the following activites which generally chirp me up completely..to remove this abnormality that has suddenly gotten into me..(though not necessarily in the same order)

Reading a funny book
Watching a funny movie(Hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy-though I was bored..and didn’t enjoy it as much..I’d recommend it to all the maniacs of the world to go ahead and watch this nonsensical masterpiece)
Watching MTV fully Faltoo
Going out for a long drive followed by an icecream
Planning for the coming long weekend
Cleaning up the house all over again
Talking and gossiping to some of the brainless friends of mine
Eating pizza and 2 full bars of chocolate with ice tea
Gymming for an extra hour
Watching crazy videos on Youtube
Watching Karzzzz ka videos(they used to amuse the hell out of me a few days back..so I thought I could try with Tandoori Nights once again)


The result
I was more bored than I was when I had just realized that I was bored.
God save..
What do I do?
Hell im bored!!

Since I was too bored as I wrote this..I tried calculating the number of times I used this significant word all over here-I got BORED after 20

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

sweet nothings...

Ok..so life around me is always exciting and full of thrill..(For others to hear about!!)
and just another one of those incidents for me happened on Saturday..
very merrily i was booking my tickets for my Jaipur trip on Diwali..and when i looked around to check my wallet to take out my dear credit card("dear"has a deep meaning to it..but i would describe it sometime later)and there i was shocked to find that my wallet was missing..
goodness..i went berserk looking for it everywhere..in my jhola type bag(i have a fetish for bigggggggg bags...the bigger the better!!!),in my wardrobe..and almost everywhere..even those places where there were no chances of finding it..and there i had almost transformed into a nervous wreck..
I immidiately caught hold of the car keys and rushed to the sweet shop where i had so religiously bought my favourite "rasmalai"(talk about putting kilos on your body coz of over eating..and then trying to go on a healthy diet....grrrrrrrr again!!)those 10 mins of drive had all the post thoughts running in my mind(like i told u..i never can think of only one thing at a time)..i had already started contemplating on how to get my credit cards and the debit cards blocked..and at the same time i was getting depressed about the hoardes of loyalty cards that i collected over my years of shopping stints with shoppers stop,lifestyle,pantaloons,and blah ..blah..mind you..im not loyal to just one brand..you name it and i have the loyalty for it..
anyways...much to my disappointment,my wallet wasn't there at the sweet shop..
i started cursing the mithai wala as religiously as i had smiled at him when i bought the rasmalai there..i was cursing the moment when the whole thought of eating that rasmalai entered my mind..grrrr...(again!!!)
and there was..getting back home..planning my steps..getting the cards blocked..and also somehow trying to talk to my loyalty partners and getting them to re issue me my cards with the same number of points..(hell yeah..so what..i couldnt let go of some thousands of loyalty points just like that)
i reached back..and just thought of giving a final look into my bag..
and for the first time since I had bought it..I looked within the bag properly to find that it had a smart slit within it(as in the inner lining of cloth had a slit -to keep ur important stuff.)Excited enough I searched more and isnt it like so obvious now ..knowing me that i had used a feature of my bag unknowingly in the excitement of that mithai..and there behind that cloth lining was my sweet huge wallet resting in peace..
was i exhilerated..or was i exhilerated..i finally had it back..
and ofcourse the thrill of having a scientific kinda bag was unmatched...

and like i told you God has his way of having fun at my expense..those 45 minutes would have been a pure thrill for Him up there..:-)
so here Iam with my lost and found story(blown out of proportion)and ofcourse rasmalai still topping the charts for being my fave mithai...

Monday, 15 September 2008

hum and hamare yaar..aksar ye baatein kiya karte hain.....

This is what happens..when two absolutely useless people of the world have nothing better to do on a monday morning/afternoon..
one of my equally useless friends(equally..coz hes jus like me when it comes to being a total maniac and doing complete bakar)and I were just generally "bakaring" on G Talk..(Google zindabad!!)and this is the outcome of the two brainless minds...

Amit: hey u

Me: hey

A: kya khabar

Me: kuch nahi
sadi hui padi hoon
khair anyways
u tell
kya khabar?

A: koi khabar nahi
main khud hi khabar ban chuka hun

Me: kya kar diya tumne aisa?
ki khabar ban gaye/?

A: taarif us khuda ki jisne mujhe banaya
banaya to banaya phir duniya mein fenkaya
fenka to fenka...par by god itna kyun pakaya

Me: wah wah
wah wah
awesome hai

A: i knw
thank u thank u

Me: irshaad
aur kuch farmaiye

A: pehale aap saamne to aaiye

Me: hum to topi pehne baithe hain intezaar mein
ki kuch to sunaiye

A: Aise sade hue dialogues ka raaz to bataiye

Me: Aap hamare lazeez hain..aise sawaal to na uthaiye..

A: Idiot..Its not lazeez..lazeez means yummy..

Me: what is it then?

A: I dont know that..but its not Lazeez...

Me: u dont break the chain..u continue

A: Hum to aap hi se seekhe hain ye fasane madness ke..agar humse poocho to aap hi hain sartaaj..zara gaur to farmaiye...

Me: Hum hue khush..bade dino baad..isi baat pe ek chcolate to khaiye

A: Chocolate ki baat karti ho...ye bhi nahi janti..dukhi hoon is motape se..koi ilaaj to bataiye.

Me: Humse kya poochte ho..hum to khud hi oversize hain..mote logo ki shopping ke liye..koi jagah to bataiye..

A: Shopping hi kya tumhara imaan hai..kya zindagi ka tumhe koi anumaan hai..apne pati pe thoda taras to khaiye..

Me: Sahi kahi ye baat tumhe..aankhein meri khol di..pati ko kiya maaf..chaliye aap hi kuch dilaiye..

A: Bas yehi reh gai kadar dosto ki..zara mithya se upar to aiye..shopping hi nahi sab kuch..ye dimaag mein bithaiye...

Me: apni kanjoosi tyag..dosto pe kuch pyar to dikhaiye..hum hain apke lazeez sabko prove to karaiye

A: Its not lazeez..dumbo..

Me: Till u dont know what the exact word is..consider it correct..and dont break the chain...

A: Aap to hain hi hume pyare..shak kam dikhaiye..

Me: Jante hain hum ye sach..but hume proof to dikhaiye..

A: kaisi hai ye duniya..sach ko na samjhe sach..God ji..zara ise upar to bulaiye..

Me: Bhej rahe to mujhe door..ye achi baat nahi..but is zulm ka koi karan to bataiye..

A: Tum ho is dharti pe bojh..is baat ko samajh jaaiye..kehte hai hum jo..use maaniye..and upar chale jaaiye..
waha na hogi duniya..na tumhari malls..na hoga tumhare bechara pati..na tumhare aise mushayre..
Hum to yehi kah chuke hain..maan to jaaiye..humpe nahi to kam se kam..vin pe taras to khaiye..

Me: Dikha rahe hain itna pyar jo aap..hamare pati pe..hume karan to bataiye..
hum ho rahe hain jealous..koi affair ho to bataiye..
de rahe ho duhai vin vin ki...
sach jo hai tumhare mann mein.hume sach sach bataiye..

A: Hum na kahenge kuch..aap hain nadaan..nadaniya na dikhaiye
ho gai hai shaadi ab to..kuch to badappan dikhaiye

Me: Hum to hain aise hi..bachpane ki baat na banaiye...
aap to hain bade bade..fir bhi na hua nikaah..kaaran to bataiye

A: Baatein hai badi tez tez..but bhool na jaiye
Baaton hi baaton mein kahi haar na jaaiye

Me:- Change kar rahe ho topic...maan bhi jaaiye
jaldi se shopping ka time table to dikhaiye

A: Tumhara na hoga kuch..maan gaye hain hum
maanti ho haar agar..to resignation dikhaiye

Me: Humne kab kaha hum haare hain..bakwaas na bakiaye
haar agar maan chuke ho..to jaldi bataiye..
bematalab ki na farmaiye..and decent rhyming banaiye

A: tum to ho champ..lagi hi hui ho..
apni is creativity ka raaz to bataiye

Me: bachapn se hi hain tez hum..aap kya jaane
agar maan hi chuke hain..to haar bhi maan jaiye

A: Haar gaye hum devi tumse..humpe rehem khaiye
nahi ho rahi poetry humse,hamari haar accept farmaiye
Jaha le chalna hai shopping par..kabhi bhi bataiye

P.S:-The bakwaas is still on..and if its any worthwhile..i will put it again..
Thanks to Priyanka..i figured out..its azeez and not lazeez

Sunday, 14 September 2008

happy budday yara!!!

Its my bestest friend's birthday today!!
someone whos been around me for only a few years..but it feels that i have known him all my life..
my friend..my buddy..my family..someone whos been with me through one of my worst times..and let me outta it..someone whos responsible for a lot of good things of my life..someone whos so nice..that at times i feel..he doesnt belong to this bad bad world..
theres loads n loads i can write for the sweetheart that he is...but then i guess that better be left to myself :-)
buddy..wish u a very happy birthday..and dont u worry..ur gift is already on ur way
:-)..so no more complaints...
may u freak out more with the coming years..and grow older than being the oldie that u already are!!
miss u buddy!!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

A typical day...

So we went to this awesome restaurant yesterday..in order to celebrate our half yearly anniversary..The restaurant is called Junoon..and its by far the most interesting one I have been to..

It s actually in the form of an Arabian castle..where the walls are a bright Red and Sparkling Blue(which gives you a little shock as you enter..but settles as quick)..the waiters are dressed in long colourful Arabian kinda sherwanis..and typically pointed shoes..and not to forget the special dome shaped hats..
Theres a biggg screen in the centre..that plays old hindi movie songs..and the entire place has donned red light to make the atmosphere almost pretty lavish..
Not to forget..the food is great…and decently priced too!!!
Well so now..the reason why we went out in the mid of the week..looking at the Bangalore traffic…
Okay..so before I explain that..I must write something about one of Vin’s special days..or I must say..”one of the typically special days”

Now the instance narrated is just one particular day..the options and variants keep changing depending on his mood..but situation remains the same..

A special day in Vin’s life

He is unwell..Okay..so this unwell is not “unwell” actually..but its more like a day where he feels weak..and heavy..and gets some body aches..in short..hes not in a mood to work at all..
He doesn’t want to eat anything..he wouldn’t eat properly on the breakfast..he would mostly miss his lunch..and wouldn’t even munch on the so called junk items he generally keeps handy with him always…
He would leave office at 5-530 pm…obviously…because hes not well..
He wouldn’t want his evening tea..he wouldn’t want to eat anything at all..

A special day in Vin’s life..that goes typically paranoid for me..

I am worried..obviously..because I don’t know why he is “unwell”
I am worried..coz he doesn’t wanna eat anything
I am worried..when hes not rushing to go to office
I am worried coz hes not even eating his lunch…
I am more worried..coz hes left the office at 530!!!
I am more worried..coz hes way too lethargic..dull… and gloomy ...and I cannot do anything about it..

A conversation on this typical-paranoid day(now that we are married..we need to have some things common right!!)

Me:-Vin..do you want tea…?
Me:-Vin..let me make some..you can have as much as you want…see its evening time..and its raining..and a perfect time to have tea..
Vin.:-uhh..oh..ok( a sad look and goes and lies down on the couch..one hand on the remote control of the TV)
Me:-“Vin…please tell me what happened..how do you feel..what is it that makes u feel unwell?”
Vin:-Nothing ya..Actually even I don’t know..but I am feeling very dull..very low on energy”
Me:- (half paranoid already)..Why low?why dull..someone said something to you?
Vin:-No…no one did..I am generally feeling this way..you don’t worry..I will be fine”
Me:-arre aise kaise don’t worry..i should know na sweets..ki kya hua hai…so we can think of something to solve it right..
Vin:-Nah..and quietly starts watching TV(or rather surfing channels)

By then Tea is ready..and Iam already thinking of options to woo him with something to eat..

Me:-Vin..do you want parle G .. with tea,,
Me:-umm…that home made namkeen…
Me:-you wanna eat pakoras..its raining see..
Vin:-aap kha lo
Me:-ummm…you want khari..or bread butter(okay…bread,ketchup and potatoes are the 3 things he can eat anytime and with anything)

By then I have run out of all options..and I try the last one..

Vin:-do u wanna have cheese tomato sandwich..with lots of chillies..and some oregano..and some mustard”
Me:-say yes…say yes(thinking to myself)
Vin:-ummm..and a smile erupts..ok…chalega…

I go ahead and make it..but I know this is just one thing..I need to do something about the dinner too..
After hes finished off the sandwich..I am relieved.. and ohh no..hes back on the couch again..

Me:-Vin…what happened..?
Vin:- a typical look..”Nothing..I am still very low”
Me:-hmmm…ok..so lets do something fun..do you wanna go out and have icecream
Vin:-Well no..I don’t wanna drive..traffic would be really bad right now..
Me:-ohh.you don’t worry…I’ll drive
Vin:-No..its just 630..icecream at this hour
Me:-hmm..okay then let me make something nice for dinner..what do you wanna eat..
Me:-Vin..you gotta eat something right..tell me what
Vin:- (in a voice which is almost not audible)..i wanna eat chicken..
Vin:- another cute look later “chicken I wanna eat”

another typical look exchaged(now you know why this is a typical day!!)
now this look is me totally disgusted on the prospects of non veg food( iam an almost PETA activist ..according to Vin)..and vinay side..the look is total cheeky..

Me:-(half/quarter heartedly)ohhh..hmmm…okay..
Vin:-(obviously with a Superbly sheepish grin)Coool…!!
Me:- (already surprised that hes getting better..)..okay..so since you don’t wanna go out..we can call in…I can order some vegetarian food for myself..(another half hearted answer)
Vin:-ummm..if you want ..we can go out..(by then the smile has turned into a grin)

By then I have figured out the reasons to his sickness..and suddenly..the tiredness is kinda vanished..and the energy is all high..and Vin dear is furtively looking into the “Times Bangalore Food Guide”to look for another destination..

Me:- ( As hes getting ready)..how are you feeling now?
Vin:-..uhmm..ohh..yeah..im getting better now Richa..glad you are taking me out…We’ll come back quick and I will call it an early night..not sure will be going to office tomorrow or not……

And I burst into a laughter..as I head towards the wardrobe
He is someone who has absolutely refused to grow up..and I thank God for giving such a sample to me to tackle!!!(some management skills iam learning here!!)

P.S:-Yes..hes not gone to office today..hes working from home…I told you..hes unwell!!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Half year Marathon...

Its been a full 6 months..to 9th March 2008...
and a half year run to our marriage..

and on this one day..I wanna tell just one thing to my Vin dearest...
"I am proud of you"
thats not because hes climbed Everest..thats because hes stayed with a maniac like me for a total of 6 months..and still loves me:-)
Way to go boy...may you have many more days..months and years of torture like this:-)

Wake me up when September ends...

Nah..I havent gone a Green day freak all of a sudden..but its just a line that comes to my head looking at my current situation..
Seems like my own words have decided to go evil against me!!!!Ever since I have boasted about my sleeping habits in my last post, I just haven’t got the time to sleep properly..Since Saturday I have been dying to get that beauty sleep of 8-9 hours..and all I have got is a mere 4-5 hours
The results…
• I am all droopy eyed sitting in front of the computer and trying (or pretending) to work
• Almost slept through a Requirements meeting my triple super boss was taking

• Almost slept through a Requirements meeting my triple super boss was taking and he saw me trying hard to stay awake and returned my “Ohh you caught me” smile to d most sympathetic smile I have ever got in my life of 24 years

• Almost slept through a Requirements meeting my triple super boss was taking and my manager saw him seeing me and gave me”I’d kill you right now” looks.

• Almost slept through a Requirements meeting my triple super boss was taking and my Colleague who saw my manager gave me”ohh…you are so screwed now:D” looks.

• Trying to think of some excuses to run home…that my manager can agree to.

• Looking at my watch every 15 minutes. in a hope that its 6 pm or almost there…

• Yawning shamelessly every 5 minutes..

• Irritating Vin every 30 minutes…by asking him useless questions on Gtalk..

• Trying and chatting with everyone who I know(or don’t know)on Gtalk..just so I can pass through these few hours of torture…Thank you guys…true buddies of mine..

• Surfing all the possible random sites to kill time..

• If you are wondering why Iam not working..is because I am already sleepy..you dolts!!

• Just plugged in my final saviour..My ipod..only to realize that its not charged..and yeah..most expectingly..I do not have the charger…

• Read the reviews of the upcoming movies..top on the list bein Karzzzz-whoever has not heard the song Tandoori nights..and Himesh Reshammia dancing like Rishi Kapoor..has missed out on the most handsomest dude..(emphasis on the adjectives)

• Read why Urmila has got nothing better to do than dance on Tandoori Nights with apna himesh bhai

• Read that Karzzzz(read Karz zzz zzz zzz zzz)is one of the most awaited movies of the year(yeah..I am awaiting it..and will definitely watch it)

• Read that Himesh bhai has some good 5 odd movies in production-all of them romantic thrillers

And before I could turn into a Himesh bhai freak..Chirpy Paro came to my rescue and I am gonna go n play scrabble with her..

For those of you who did not have enough Himesh bhai gossip go to

P.S.:-I was wondering on lunch time as i gulped down my 4 glasses of butter milk ..why the hell is it called so..when it is supposedly fat free..?
Guess I was too sleepy...huh!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hairy tales and an i10

Okay..so the day was here…when we were to pick our brand new i10…goodness the feeling was simply terrific..buying a car is always a dream for everyone(iam assuming it)…and..buying it from your own hard earned money..is a feeling nothing else can really duplicate…and that’s how me and vinay had been feeling since morning…
Infact I cant describe the anxiety I was going through for the past few weeks after we paid the booking amount for the car..
I had actually gone a little berserk..and was falling for the smallest things that may be associated with the car..be it the showroom…the service road we need to take to reach the showroom..hyundai as a brand..and ofcourse the many running i10’s on the road…everything gave me a reason to smile and grin…and the day arrived when we had to pick the car..our very own!!
I got up at 645 am..and it’s a record..getting up in the morning is really not my forte and vin was really surprised..as I had totally turned the tables by getting up before him(ok ya..i get up after my husband..but I cant help it…and now after a initial hocus pocus my mom created…everyone has made peace with the fact I cant get up in the morning..PERIOD!!)anyways…so I was up and awake..and bhaiya gave an early morning call too..now my dearest brother in law(or daddy as I call him)shares the same passion for sleep like I do..and getting a morning call..was yet another surprise for vin..as he really couldn’t understand why the two most unlikely people had “got up before the birds”(a phrase I use for people who get up before 9)..well..so after that initial excitement round..we got up and got ready..
..I wanted to really deck up as I was going to pick up my first ever car..and so I had been planning for the past few weeks on how iam gonna put my hair..and what iam gonna wear and blah blah..and so I decided to go in for an early bath since the post bathing would take me a lot of time(I had decided to straighten my hair with a hair straightener one of my designer friends gave me for the wedding..with a hope that I’d be a lady some day).I changed something like 3 tops to decide on the final one for the D day..and now it was time to set my unruly hair..A few weeks back I got a new so called trendy haircut and it’s a big time pain managing it since its so shabby,..i end up looking like I haven’t taken a bath in ages..so I planned a good 30 mins for setting my hair using the straightener..(thanks to Rats..she had taught me the functions of it a few days back when she stayed over and was straightening my hair at 1 am in the night…talk about poor vin here again!!!)and I started..
after 1st round..i realized..my hair wasn’t really straight..infact it hadn’t even dried..so I used my brains..and used a blow drier to dry my hair first …and then straighten it..(Ya,,,the statement here is”used my brains”)so I dried my hair completely..and bang on..started the second round of straightening..by then vinay was all ready and waiting for me to join him in the pooja..(it was Ganesh chatirthi that day)so after completing my second round..and with some funny clips in a hope to settle my hair..i joined him in the pooja..all through it I was worried since my hair was more unruly than it generally is..
The pooja got over..and I was back to the hair straightener..meanwhile I requested vin to prepare the breakfast..which he willingly obliged since he could really see the pain of my not so straight hair..
Third round..and I was worried…since there was absolutely no straightening..and then I gave up..coz we were really getting late..
I was more paranoid since we had to meet vin’s cousin and I really did not want her to think that he had married some weird dork who doesn’t know a thing about dressing up(keeping vinay’s taste for things in mind!!)..
Anyways..I really couldn’t do much about it..and I was combing my hair every 5 minutes to ensure that they were ok..but I guess they were not…they had had too much of heat on them and were all electrified and flying in all directions..and my so called fancy haircut looked more like a unwanted grass on the garden..
And then finally we were there..to pick up our gaddi..and all of that hairo mania simply vanished as I had a look at my little thing…
And so we were the proud owners of a i10 kappa…and ofcourse way too excited..
So post that we headed to pick shanu .It was a crazy day being with her..shes a total sweetheart and being of the same age..we hit off pretty well..
Since we had a lot of time to kill..and no plan in place..we decided to waste time by roaming around here and there..and ending up in STAPLES(a stationery shop..iam totally in love with)
The day ended with Rock On..a movie we all totally loved..I guess everyone in the movie was totally awesome..and Arjun Rampal ..i guess they should take him in a rock band for the appeal that man has..he looked better holding that guitar than any other rock stars I have seen(I am not talking about Himesh bhai here)and Farhan akhtar,,,is one hell of a genius. an actor… a singer... a director... full on rock star!!

Wednesday being a holiday was more fun since we got t enjoy the new little member in the family to the fullest…and I got a shopping companion in the form of shanu..Talk about being lucky…even after the bad hair day!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I havent written in a long long time…but that really doesn’t mean that I did not have things happening …happening enough to be written about..
Infact..past few weeks have been more than happening…so much so that me n vin are pretty much exhausted by the jest of the events..(I would be mentioning the list of the events..in the next one)
Its actually for the first time we have had some kinda action in our pretty boring life in Bangalore..Ok..now we are married for just almost 6 months..and young enough..and crazy enough..and theres absolutely no reason for us to have a boring life..and no one even believes me that we can actually be like that..or for that matter..Vin can actually be like that..
But ya…Bangalore(being Vin’s favest city in the world!!!!)didn’t go down too well with me..and somehow things just wouldn’t go right everytime I would plan them to..
Talk about being jinxed..i wouldn’t even find my kinda vegetables everytime I would go..n try..n shop…..it would start raining only on the days I would not carry my umbrella..my maids wouldn’t turn up the day I had maximum work aligned for them..and every Saturday/Sunday..when I would wash the clothes in the machine..and put them on drying,,it would rain..rain enough to spoil the almost dried clothes(I tried swapping days…which even included weekdays.when I would look at the smiling..shining sun and believe the fact that there was no reason for it to even drizzle today…but..ya..it did not work..it had to really rain on the day I had my laundry planned..)..Workers…car cleaners..and almost every one had decided to give me enough pain to run away and hibernate..
And the top on the chart were the autowalas i had to deal with since my arrival here..Now..autowalas in Bangalore are the common painful nerve… for all the people like me who do not have a vehicle of their own..infact we bond on this topic...with city buses being jampacked..and the Volvo buses running on not very suitable timings..the only choice I had was…to use the autos..the first few days it wasn’t tough..since I did not know about the distances..so even if I would bargain for a 10 rs..i would be happy..(those who know me..know that..i haven’t mastered the art of bargaining..a trait all of us Indian girls are SUPPOSED to have inherited from our mums!)anyways..as I started getting familiar..i realized…that I was actually being robbed of my money like crazy..there have been times I ended up paying a 100 bucks for a mere distance of 3 kmswhich otherwise wouldnt be more than 25 Rs by meter..and slowly it occurred to me..that all of those 10 rs bargains had been actually nothing but a little less loss..I tried fighting my way around..i would force these whatevers to use their meters..but they just would not (sometimes the meters werent working..sometimes"madam..yaha meter kon use karta hai"..and sometimes.."madame hum to meter nahi chalaega..apko meter chahiye to doosra auto pakdo"..and some of the so called professional ones who would agree to use the meters..would have manipulated them such..and I was robbed..any whichever way..
I have had many auto incidents..that I actually need to put them in a separate post…some of them have been actually way too hilarious..hilarious enough to have traveled till jaipur as a routine joke shared across the evening tea schedules..:-(… And something..that led vin to suggesting me that I should actually start meditating…!!!!!

Everyone actually found it funny…that I wrote 3 emails to the CM..stating the plight of the common man using autos as the mode of transport..and DID NOT get a single reply..(though it was a joke for everyone..it just made me wonder…that it is actually the reaon why our country still hasn’t progressed the way it should have,,inspite of having the brightest minds in the world. its because..the government of this country doesn’t care a damn for its citizens)

Past two weeks..i took to get acquainted with this crazy city..Took a deep breath ..and realized that this place wouldn’t change..no matter how much I crib..and sulk..and try and reform the autowalas..they wouldn’t budge..and though I should not give up on having the system improved..I shouldn’t atleast fret about things not happening right..…I don’t know what I really did..(or not)..but yeah..it feels much better now..and I feel vaguely familiar to this place..I don’t think I really did anything great…but yeah..I actually tried sinking in the fact that I am in a weird place..and theres nothing really I can do about it..atleast for a while..and thus.. inspite of maids not turning up..and workers irritating the hell out of me..and the traffic hitting on my nerves..and blah…blah..I have been doing fairly good..and smiling through it all..(and ofcourse..giving a sigh of relief..to my poor husband..who has beared the brunt of my whims..!!)
and having said enough..being Bangalored..if not good..isnt really bad too!!