Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I havent written in a long long time…but that really doesn’t mean that I did not have things happening …happening enough to be written about..
Infact..past few weeks have been more than happening…so much so that me n vin are pretty much exhausted by the jest of the events..(I would be mentioning the list of the the next one)
Its actually for the first time we have had some kinda action in our pretty boring life in we are married for just almost 6 months..and young enough..and crazy enough..and theres absolutely no reason for us to have a boring life..and no one even believes me that we can actually be like that..or for that matter..Vin can actually be like that..
But ya…Bangalore(being Vin’s favest city in the world!!!!)didn’t go down too well with me..and somehow things just wouldn’t go right everytime I would plan them to..
Talk about being jinxed..i wouldn’t even find my kinda vegetables everytime I would go..n try..n shop… would start raining only on the days I would not carry my maids wouldn’t turn up the day I had maximum work aligned for them..and every Saturday/Sunday..when I would wash the clothes in the machine..and put them on drying,,it would rain..rain enough to spoil the almost dried clothes(I tried swapping days…which even included weekdays.when I would look at the smiling..shining sun and believe the fact that there was no reason for it to even drizzle today… did not had to really rain on the day I had my laundry planned..)..Workers…car cleaners..and almost every one had decided to give me enough pain to run away and hibernate..
And the top on the chart were the autowalas i had to deal with since my arrival here..Now..autowalas in Bangalore are the common painful nerve… for all the people like me who do not have a vehicle of their own..infact we bond on this topic...with city buses being jampacked..and the Volvo buses running on not very suitable timings..the only choice I had was…to use the autos..the first few days it wasn’t tough..since I did not know about the even if I would bargain for a 10 rs..i would be happy..(those who know me..know that..i haven’t mastered the art of bargaining..a trait all of us Indian girls are SUPPOSED to have inherited from our mums!) I started getting familiar..i realized…that I was actually being robbed of my money like crazy..there have been times I ended up paying a 100 bucks for a mere distance of 3 kmswhich otherwise wouldnt be more than 25 Rs by meter..and slowly it occurred to me..that all of those 10 rs bargains had been actually nothing but a little less loss..I tried fighting my way around..i would force these whatevers to use their meters..but they just would not (sometimes the meters werent working..sometimes"madam..yaha meter kon use karta hai"..and sometimes.."madame hum to meter nahi chalaega..apko meter chahiye to doosra auto pakdo"..and some of the so called professional ones who would agree to use the meters..would have manipulated them such..and I was robbed..any whichever way..
I have had many auto incidents..that I actually need to put them in a separate post…some of them have been actually way too hilarious..hilarious enough to have traveled till jaipur as a routine joke shared across the evening tea schedules..:-(… And something..that led vin to suggesting me that I should actually start meditating…!!!!!

Everyone actually found it funny…that I wrote 3 emails to the CM..stating the plight of the common man using autos as the mode of transport..and DID NOT get a single reply..(though it was a joke for just made me wonder…that it is actually the reaon why our country still hasn’t progressed the way it should have,,inspite of having the brightest minds in the world. its because..the government of this country doesn’t care a damn for its citizens)

Past two weeks..i took to get acquainted with this crazy city..Took a deep breath ..and realized that this place wouldn’t matter how much I crib..and sulk..and try and reform the autowalas..they wouldn’t budge..and though I should not give up on having the system improved..I shouldn’t atleast fret about things not happening right..…I don’t know what I really did..(or not)..but feels much better now..and I feel vaguely familiar to this place..I don’t think I really did anything great…but yeah..I actually tried sinking in the fact that I am in a weird place..and theres nothing really I can do about it..atleast for a while..and thus.. inspite of maids not turning up..and workers irritating the hell out of me..and the traffic hitting on my nerves..and blah…blah..I have been doing fairly good..and smiling through it all..(and a sigh of my poor husband..who has beared the brunt of my whims..!!)
and having said enough..being Bangalored..if not good..isnt really bad too!!


Nidhi said...

I can really undertand the pain you are going thru in Bangalore.. cuz this is the pain Pune has given me :((

Autowalas... Well I feel they are nothing but gundaz with a 3 wheeler :D Best solution is to have your own vehicle.. so start saving :D and buy one ASAP :D

Waise you now have a car ;) don't you :P

If only the government were so concerned bout the plight of the common man.. you would not have seen such inflation and different ways to ruin a common man :)

Keep writing, till one day u get heard.. which I doubt would happen.. I dont wanna discourage you.. but m kinda getting tired now.. i have done some similar things in past.. but till date m just wondering if anybody ever opened those mails also...

I dunno if anyone wud agree with me.. but when it comes to things like this.. so far only Mumbai has been a place which has given me a sigh of relief...

Chal anyways.. wish ya the best for ur Bangalorization :)

And when it comes to bargaining... Only moms are gud at that ;) so wait till u become a momma :P


santasizing...Fantasizing said...

i agree with you nidhi..i think that is the reason why the young people of this country do not even want to stay here..
How long can you fight in the system when the system only tries to outdo you all the time.
Even though I have a car now..I will not stop writing to the CM..or to anyone who can hear this...
and talk about mumbai..i know that place rocks..if only vin would agree someday to shift there:D

and ya..ur right..bargaining cannot be our forte...we dont have the kinda patience and communication and convincing skills that it requires:P

akashthematrix said...

Congrats Richa 4 ur new car...happy driving!!!
I wud wait for the day when I'll spend me hard-earned money on a similar kinda investment...:)
Khair, be it bangalored, bored or i-10ed, this new connectivity through blogs wud make us aware how things r rolling at other end...!

N wish this wud giv u another medium better thn an SMS atleast to convey msgs...kyon? ;DDD