Thursday, 25 September 2008

Im bored!!

Im bored..iam bored…im bored….bored bored bored..!!!bored...bored...bored!!!!

For the past few days I have been essentially bored out of everything I do..or I don’t do..or I plan to do..or even things that I don’t plan to do.. and this syndrome took a sudden upswing last evening once I was done with my super yummy dinner of Rajma chawal..I got suddenly bored..
Just as i finished the dinner..and was thinking on now what..I realised..i was bored..
Ignoring it all..we decided on planning the coming long weekened which is finally here after the long wait..and in the process of planning some thing fun for it..I got BORED…so bored that I realized I didn’t want to go anywhere..
surprised by the sudden outcome of events..I thought sleeping would be the best thing..and so i dozed off..feeling bored ofcourse..

I got up in the morning..not feeling fresh..but feeling bored..I headed for the daily chores…the breakfast(my fave meal of the day after dinner!!)..the office and the office work..

I got bored when I drove to work …bored of listening to the same old songs I have been listening to for so long..bored of facing the traffic and taking hours to reach office..which bored me further..bored of looking at the laptop screen for hours..which im not willing to give up ..and in all this im even bored of facing the funny things that keep happening with me..

Now the question here is if I am sad or depressed about some thing..???
Life’s good..job’s ok(ok now job’s very bad..but who cares..its just a few hours of your day)house is good..vehicles are maids are now settled and even they are good..and now I don’t have to deal with the autowalas anymore..
So that says it that I don’t have a reason to be sad..
But then bored..I am so bored that as I write this..i don’t know what on earth am I typing ..
So the answer is not sad..or depressed..I am just BORED out of proportion..

This whole incident has worried the hell out of me..I am really not able to figure out the reasons for being so bored..Is it some kind of Oh-Im-so-bored-that-i-will-snooze-soon syndrome?or is it some kinda disease that has taken the form of boredom and might transform into something bigger....I roll my eyes in suspicion as I wonder on this strange phase iam going through..and yet iam not able to find a suitable answer to the whole confusion of this sudden boredom…

I tried doing/planning the following activites which generally chirp me up remove this abnormality that has suddenly gotten into me..(though not necessarily in the same order)

Reading a funny book
Watching a funny movie(Hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy-though I was bored..and didn’t enjoy it as much..I’d recommend it to all the maniacs of the world to go ahead and watch this nonsensical masterpiece)
Watching MTV fully Faltoo
Going out for a long drive followed by an icecream
Planning for the coming long weekend
Cleaning up the house all over again
Talking and gossiping to some of the brainless friends of mine
Eating pizza and 2 full bars of chocolate with ice tea
Gymming for an extra hour
Watching crazy videos on Youtube
Watching Karzzzz ka videos(they used to amuse the hell out of me a few days I thought I could try with Tandoori Nights once again)


The result
I was more bored than I was when I had just realized that I was bored.
God save..
What do I do?
Hell im bored!!

Since I was too bored as I wrote this..I tried calculating the number of times I used this significant word all over here-I got BORED after 20


akashthematrix said...

What the hell...

U know what u just did...Gawwwd...U made me realize that even I m BORED...Alaaaaaaaas...why did u just generated this contagious feeling out of me...

I was so changed up like I am on every friday...saying TGIF at every instance I can right from the morning...but hell now i realize that I am even bored of saying the same TGIF...every friday...:)

chirpy-paaro said...

Sorry for commenting late!!!1
But i had read it way before... Office se comment nahi kar paati yaar!!!Sorrryyyyyy!!!!
I love readig ur blogs...

Abey nayi nayi shaadi hui hai...bore kaise ho sakti hai!!!!
Vinay ko bolti hoon kuch karane ko...

Plan out for some trip with only u and Vin..may be a trek..bahut interesting ho jayega!!

Nidhi said...

Sit down ! Take a glass of ice tea or cold coffee or waetver u like... and just look at the setting sun... close ur eyes and think of things u want.... things u like....

saari boriyat n confusion bhaag jayega... Queen of boredom bani huyi hai :P If u ll say things like dat wat d hell wud people like us do then :P

and if still nothing works....... go for a long walk all alone... or with Vinay...

Nothing else would help u better :) Trust me :)

Nidhi said...

And yeah !! I agree with Guppi... abey chakkar kya hia... abhi to shadi ki hai tune :P