Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hairy tales and an i10 the day was here…when we were to pick our brand new i10…goodness the feeling was simply terrific..buying a car is always a dream for everyone(iam assuming it)…and..buying it from your own hard earned a feeling nothing else can really duplicate…and that’s how me and vinay had been feeling since morning…
Infact I cant describe the anxiety I was going through for the past few weeks after we paid the booking amount for the car..
I had actually gone a little berserk..and was falling for the smallest things that may be associated with the it the showroom…the service road we need to take to reach the as a brand..and ofcourse the many running i10’s on the road…everything gave me a reason to smile and grin…and the day arrived when we had to pick the car..our very own!!
I got up at 645 am..and it’s a record..getting up in the morning is really not my forte and vin was really I had totally turned the tables by getting up before him(ok ya..i get up after my husband..but I cant help it…and now after a initial hocus pocus my mom created…everyone has made peace with the fact I cant get up in the morning..PERIOD!!)anyways…so I was up and awake..and bhaiya gave an early morning call my dearest brother in law(or daddy as I call him)shares the same passion for sleep like I do..and getting a morning call..was yet another surprise for he really couldn’t understand why the two most unlikely people had “got up before the birds”(a phrase I use for people who get up before 9) after that initial excitement round..we got up and got ready..
..I wanted to really deck up as I was going to pick up my first ever car..and so I had been planning for the past few weeks on how iam gonna put my hair..and what iam gonna wear and blah blah..and so I decided to go in for an early bath since the post bathing would take me a lot of time(I had decided to straighten my hair with a hair straightener one of my designer friends gave me for the wedding..with a hope that I’d be a lady some day).I changed something like 3 tops to decide on the final one for the D day..and now it was time to set my unruly hair..A few weeks back I got a new so called trendy haircut and it’s a big time pain managing it since its so shabby,..i end up looking like I haven’t taken a bath in I planned a good 30 mins for setting my hair using the straightener..(thanks to Rats..she had taught me the functions of it a few days back when she stayed over and was straightening my hair at 1 am in the night…talk about poor vin here again!!!)and I started..
after 1st round..i hair wasn’t really straight..infact it hadn’t even I used my brains..and used a blow drier to dry my hair first …and then straighten it..(Ya,,,the statement here is”used my brains”)so I dried my hair completely..and bang on..started the second round of then vinay was all ready and waiting for me to join him in the pooja..(it was Ganesh chatirthi that day)so after completing my second round..and with some funny clips in a hope to settle my hair..i joined him in the pooja..all through it I was worried since my hair was more unruly than it generally is..
The pooja got over..and I was back to the hair straightener..meanwhile I requested vin to prepare the breakfast..which he willingly obliged since he could really see the pain of my not so straight hair..
Third round..and I was worried…since there was absolutely no straightening..and then I gave up..coz we were really getting late..
I was more paranoid since we had to meet vin’s cousin and I really did not want her to think that he had married some weird dork who doesn’t know a thing about dressing up(keeping vinay’s taste for things in mind!!)..
Anyways..I really couldn’t do much about it..and I was combing my hair every 5 minutes to ensure that they were ok..but I guess they were not…they had had too much of heat on them and were all electrified and flying in all directions..and my so called fancy haircut looked more like a unwanted grass on the garden..
And then finally we were pick up our gaddi..and all of that hairo mania simply vanished as I had a look at my little thing…
And so we were the proud owners of a i10 kappa…and ofcourse way too excited..
So post that we headed to pick shanu .It was a crazy day being with her..shes a total sweetheart and being of the same age..we hit off pretty well..
Since we had a lot of time to kill..and no plan in place..we decided to waste time by roaming around here and there..and ending up in STAPLES(a stationery shop..iam totally in love with)
The day ended with Rock On..a movie we all totally loved..I guess everyone in the movie was totally awesome..and Arjun Rampal ..i guess they should take him in a rock band for the appeal that man has..he looked better holding that guitar than any other rock stars I have seen(I am not talking about Himesh bhai here)and Farhan akhtar,,,is one hell of a genius. an actor… a singer... a director... full on rock star!!

Wednesday being a holiday was more fun since we got t enjoy the new little member in the family to the fullest…and I got a shopping companion in the form of shanu..Talk about being lucky…even after the bad hair day!!

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