Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Wake me up when September ends...

Nah..I havent gone a Green day freak all of a sudden..but its just a line that comes to my head looking at my current situation..
Seems like my own words have decided to go evil against me!!!!Ever since I have boasted about my sleeping habits in my last post, I just haven’t got the time to sleep properly..Since Saturday I have been dying to get that beauty sleep of 8-9 hours..and all I have got is a mere 4-5 hours
The results…
• I am all droopy eyed sitting in front of the computer and trying (or pretending) to work
• Almost slept through a Requirements meeting my triple super boss was taking

• Almost slept through a Requirements meeting my triple super boss was taking and he saw me trying hard to stay awake and returned my “Ohh you caught me” smile to d most sympathetic smile I have ever got in my life of 24 years

• Almost slept through a Requirements meeting my triple super boss was taking and my manager saw him seeing me and gave me”I’d kill you right now” looks.

• Almost slept through a Requirements meeting my triple super boss was taking and my Colleague who saw my manager gave me”ohh…you are so screwed now:D” looks.

• Trying to think of some excuses to run home…that my manager can agree to.

• Looking at my watch every 15 minutes. in a hope that its 6 pm or almost there…

• Yawning shamelessly every 5 minutes..

• Irritating Vin every 30 minutes…by asking him useless questions on Gtalk..

• Trying and chatting with everyone who I know(or don’t know)on Gtalk..just so I can pass through these few hours of torture…Thank you guys…true buddies of mine..

• Surfing all the possible random sites to kill time..

• If you are wondering why Iam not working..is because I am already sleepy..you dolts!!

• Just plugged in my final saviour..My ipod..only to realize that its not charged..and yeah..most expectingly..I do not have the charger…

• Read the reviews of the upcoming movies..top on the list bein Karzzzz-whoever has not heard the song Tandoori nights..and Himesh Reshammia dancing like Rishi Kapoor..has missed out on the most handsomest dude..(emphasis on the adjectives)

• Read why Urmila has got nothing better to do than dance on Tandoori Nights with apna himesh bhai

• Read that Karzzzz(read Karz zzz zzz zzz zzz)is one of the most awaited movies of the year(yeah..I am awaiting it..and will definitely watch it)

• Read that Himesh bhai has some good 5 odd movies in production-all of them romantic thrillers

And before I could turn into a Himesh bhai freak..Chirpy Paro came to my rescue and I am gonna go n play scrabble with her..

For those of you who did not have enough Himesh bhai gossip go to

P.S.:-I was wondering on lunch time as i gulped down my 4 glasses of butter milk ..why the hell is it called so..when it is supposedly fat free..?
Guess I was too sleepy...huh!


chirpy-paaro said...

God...i know how bad it is to stay in office when u so sleepy...its badddd!!!!

akashthematrix said...

When ppl like u wud be the brand advocates of tht SOB whom u call himesh bhai; he is gonna bore worthy indians like us to death...;)

Puhleez...wake up before this september ends...!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Paro#Im sure u understand my plight...remember the days when we used to suffer like this in Hewitt..

Akash#Hang on...iam not the brand ambassador of him..It was just a way to say..how useless si got in my sleep...:-)
and per your SOB statement...no worries..I hate him equally:-)

Nidhi said...

You Sleepy Head !!

WAKE UP !!!!