Sunday, 14 September 2008

happy budday yara!!!

Its my bestest friend's birthday today!!
someone whos been around me for only a few years..but it feels that i have known him all my life..
my family..someone whos been with me through one of my worst times..and let me outta it..someone whos responsible for a lot of good things of my life..someone whos so nice..that at times i feel..he doesnt belong to this bad bad world..
theres loads n loads i can write for the sweetheart that he is...but then i guess that better be left to myself :-)
buddy..wish u a very happy birthday..and dont u worry..ur gift is already on ur way
:-) no more complaints...
may u freak out more with the coming years..and grow older than being the oldie that u already are!!
miss u buddy!!


Nidhi said...

Wish your buddy a belated happy bday on my behalf :)
Lucky him to have a fren like u and lucky u to have him by ur side all d time :)

santasizing...Fantasizing said... rightly said..i dont know abt his luck coz i have bugged him enuff to last a lifetime..and for me..well yeah...:P