Thursday, 11 September 2008

A typical day...

So we went to this awesome restaurant order to celebrate our half yearly anniversary..The restaurant is called Junoon..and its by far the most interesting one I have been to..

It s actually in the form of an Arabian castle..where the walls are a bright Red and Sparkling Blue(which gives you a little shock as you enter..but settles as quick)..the waiters are dressed in long colourful Arabian kinda sherwanis..and typically pointed shoes..and not to forget the special dome shaped hats..
Theres a biggg screen in the centre..that plays old hindi movie songs..and the entire place has donned red light to make the atmosphere almost pretty lavish..
Not to forget..the food is great…and decently priced too!!!
Well so now..the reason why we went out in the mid of the week..looking at the Bangalore traffic… before I explain that..I must write something about one of Vin’s special days..or I must say..”one of the typically special days”

Now the instance narrated is just one particular day..the options and variants keep changing depending on his mood..but situation remains the same..

A special day in Vin’s life

He is this unwell is not “unwell” actually..but its more like a day where he feels weak..and heavy..and gets some body short..hes not in a mood to work at all..
He doesn’t want to eat anything..he wouldn’t eat properly on the breakfast..he would mostly miss his lunch..and wouldn’t even munch on the so called junk items he generally keeps handy with him always…
He would leave office at 5-530 pm…obviously…because hes not well..
He wouldn’t want his evening tea..he wouldn’t want to eat anything at all..

A special day in Vin’s life..that goes typically paranoid for me..

I am worried..obviously..because I don’t know why he is “unwell”
I am worried..coz he doesn’t wanna eat anything
I am worried..when hes not rushing to go to office
I am worried coz hes not even eating his lunch…
I am more worried..coz hes left the office at 530!!!
I am more worried..coz hes way too lethargic..dull… and gloomy ...and I cannot do anything about it..

A conversation on this typical-paranoid day(now that we are married..we need to have some things common right!!) you want tea…?
Me:-Vin..let me make can have as much as you want…see its evening time..and its raining..and a perfect time to have tea..
Vin.:-uhh..oh..ok( a sad look and goes and lies down on the hand on the remote control of the TV)
Me:-“Vin…please tell me what do you feel..what is it that makes u feel unwell?”
Vin:-Nothing ya..Actually even I don’t know..but I am feeling very dull..very low on energy”
Me:- (half paranoid already)..Why low?why dull..someone said something to you?
Vin:-No…no one did..I am generally feeling this don’t worry..I will be fine”
Me:-arre aise kaise don’t worry..i should know na kya hua hai…so we can think of something to solve it right..
Vin:-Nah..and quietly starts watching TV(or rather surfing channels)

By then Tea is ready..and Iam already thinking of options to woo him with something to eat.. you want parle G .. with tea,,
Me:-umm…that home made namkeen…
Me:-you wanna eat pakoras..its raining see..
Vin:-aap kha lo
Me:-ummm…you want khari..or bread butter(okay…bread,ketchup and potatoes are the 3 things he can eat anytime and with anything)

By then I have run out of all options..and I try the last one..

Vin:-do u wanna have cheese tomato sandwich..with lots of chillies..and some oregano..and some mustard”
Me:-say yes…say yes(thinking to myself)
Vin:-ummm..and a smile erupts..ok…chalega…

I go ahead and make it..but I know this is just one thing..I need to do something about the dinner too..
After hes finished off the sandwich..I am relieved.. and ohh no..hes back on the couch again..

Me:-Vin…what happened..?
Vin:- a typical look..”Nothing..I am still very low”
Me:-hmmm… lets do something you wanna go out and have icecream
Vin:-Well no..I don’t wanna drive..traffic would be really bad right now.. don’t worry…I’ll drive
Vin:-No..its just 630..icecream at this hour
Me:-hmm..okay then let me make something nice for dinner..what do you wanna eat..
Vin:-Nothing gotta eat something right..tell me what
Vin:- (in a voice which is almost not audible)..i wanna eat chicken..
Vin:- another cute look later “chicken I wanna eat”

another typical look exchaged(now you know why this is a typical day!!)
now this look is me totally disgusted on the prospects of non veg food( iam an almost PETA activist ..according to Vin)..and vinay side..the look is total cheeky..

Me:-(half/quarter heartedly)ohhh..hmmm…okay..
Vin:-(obviously with a Superbly sheepish grin)Coool…!!
Me:- (already surprised that hes getting better..) since you don’t wanna go out..we can call in…I can order some vegetarian food for myself..(another half hearted answer)
Vin:-ummm..if you want ..we can go out..(by then the smile has turned into a grin)

By then I have figured out the reasons to his sickness..and suddenly..the tiredness is kinda vanished..and the energy is all high..and Vin dear is furtively looking into the “Times Bangalore Food Guide”to look for another destination..

Me:- ( As hes getting ready) are you feeling now? getting better now Richa..glad you are taking me out…We’ll come back quick and I will call it an early night..not sure will be going to office tomorrow or not……

And I burst into a I head towards the wardrobe
He is someone who has absolutely refused to grow up..and I thank God for giving such a sample to me to tackle!!!(some management skills iam learning here!!)

P.S:-Yes..hes not gone to office today..hes working from home…I told you..hes unwell!!


akashthematrix said...

"Cute...romatic...lovely and caring..." makes me say that for sure...

Vin must be a proud husband...:)

chirpy-paaro said...

I just will say one line...
"Men will be men."...
They live for food...I have faced these situations a lot many times...
But whatever Vinay is so cutee... :))

Nidhi said...

I fully agree with Guppi !!

Men will alwyas be men... They really do live on food...

You better get used to all these mood swings and hola.. how come you forget you yourself are a moody creature :P

Thanks to Vinay's patience ;)

and yeah !! once more !! Vinay is reallllllllllllllllly cuteeeeeeeeee

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

@akash:-thanks for the opposed to others..this time its on m glad:-)

@Priyanka:-Hell yeah..guys and food...guess goes hand in hand...and Vin's cute...hell yeah..i know he is:P

@Nidhi:-I am certainly a moody creature..and a big one at that..and im glad Vin's been able to tolerate that so far:p without a blink:D