Thursday, 23 October 2008

After effects of Karzzzz

Im sighing a lot as I write this post...
probably this is what one does when he/she is facing a social/public/colleague/family/ and so on and so forth boycott!!

Well yes..I have been boycotted for having watched Karzzzz..
I dont know why that though..Its not that that I am a Himesh loyalist who had been sitting upright waiting for the release of this movie and had made super pre booking to watch the first day first show..or i was listening to the Tandoori nights song in the repeat mode on my ipod..or i had downloaded the video of the songs of karzzzz on my ipod and was watching them throughout my day..
No!!I did none of that..

I am just a common girl..who was anxious to see this crazy melodrama which was unfolding on a friday and had the biggest hooligan in the india movie world!!
I was just anxious to know how he decided to step into Rishi Kapoors shoes and try to be Monty..and above all..
I just wanted to see what this Himesh Reshammia craze is all about..!!
I didnt force anyone to go with me..I just asked Vin and Shivani when they were on their 5th beer each,,,if they wanted to watch the movie..and they willingly agreed!!

....and here is what all three of us have gone through in the week post Karzzzz!


I get oh-u-strange-woman-to-have-watched-karzzzz looks from people in my team!

My only 2 friends in office dont want to be seen in public with me..their conversations with me have gone up strangely..i think they find me amusing!

C-my friend yells HimRich whenever he sees me in office-the others have followed suit!

My manager now totally believes that im taking a free salary home and m a good for nothing dumb delhi chick who does not work will go to any extent to watch a movie!!!


He gets a Oh-You-Loser-You-Went-For-Karzzzz looks..!

His team finds him amusing and hilarious!

His friends have found a bakra to crack jokes at..and Vin has to oblige!

Everytime he tries to make fun of some one he gets the Oh-Shut up-Atleast-I-Dont-Go-For-Karzzzz-like-You looks

the reaction he gets when he comments on how funny are the lyrics of the song from Yuvraaj-"Yeah if you know what good taste went for Karzzzz"


The most common statement she has come across in the past one week is"Ohh went for Karzzzz"(rolling eyes and smirk follow)

She hides with embarrassment when people comment on how can people watch Karzzzz to make it a hit!

Common friends have made statements like"We cant believe you actually went for the movie with Richa-she cant do that..nor can you..whats with you girls!!"

While it hasnt mattered a lot to me since people around me anyways have always known that I am a nut..the public reactions have taken Vin and Shivani and ofourse a few of my very close friends by shock..and here is the summary of what people have told me in this past one week


"I will never go for any movie with you..even if it stars John,or George clooney or anyone who we have a common crush on!!never...never...never!!"
"You make me look like a Himesh fan..I hate you for it!!"
"This is what you give me after 12 years of friendship..a public embarrassment"

(i think she was overwhelmed by monty's mom in the movie Karzzzz")


" cant touch that remote..and dont even try!!"
"My hair is in a funny state-coz of you"
"I am not going for any movie with you..please find some one who has a filthy taste in movies like you!!"
"First you drag me for the movie..and then you tell the whole world that i went with you..I will never forgive you for the embarrassment you have given me in this one week!!!"

My friends:

these are the messages on my wall on facebook-public enough for everyone to know..

"Hey..I heard you went for Karzzzz..are you jobless?"

"Mrs. Tripathi... wat is this that I am hearing about you .. Man u r so jobless ...U actually went to see KARZZZ .. and dragged 2 poor innocent souls along ....God ...!!! and i heard you are totally in love with HIMESH and Mr. tripathi is feeling insecure about ur divine love now ...LOLZ ...
Kindle give updates!"

"I am disowning you today-I cant believe you went for Karzzzz,,how jobless are you woman?"

"Haw!!!!u went for gawd!"

"Really..cant believe it..whats with you woman!!"

My mom-

"huh...tum Karzzzz dekhne kaise chali gai..when I ask you to watch old hindi movies you royally rfuse ..and here you went for this one...are you alright"

Vin's mom:-
You guys actually went for everything ok..are u guys so bored in bangalore..come back to jaipur"

Vin's dad(this was a shocker for Vin)-
" cant torture my daughter like this by taking her to random movies..this is not what i epxect of u..dare u do this the next time"

Random people

" sure has a funny hair do..why did u take him for karzzzz"
"You guys are daring man..u went for Karzzzz...Vin your hair look it the Karzzzz effect?"

So much so for the belief that i was a Himesh loyalist and one of the many people responsible for making him what he is today by listening to his crappy songs..I have had to set my status messages like "Im not a Himesh Fan" to try and suppress the revolt that has surged upon me from all angles..
and amidst all this chaos..its my father who supports me like saying

"I am proud of sat through it and are still normal!!"

Atleast my dad understands me!!


chirpy-paaro said...


IT had to happen Richa...

Now swear to God you will delete all the video of Himesh Bhai from your IPod..and will never ever watch any of his movie.. :)))

Chriz said...

karzz karzzz..
and went with two sloshed souls for the movie? haha

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#Chirpy:-I DO NOT have himesh songs on my ipod...and i will never have..i didnt know my fascination would have people believe m a himesh lunatic!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#Chriz:-Hell yea,,,u should try it some a crazy movie with sloshed people..and then hear their cursings all through for jeopardizing their talli ness:-)
im facing it to this date!

Vinesh said...

Too funny this post was :-D

I'm not surprised what happens to people who watch Karzzz though... cos I was disowned by everyone I know because I like 2 songs from the movie... :-P

Nidhi said...

You truly deserved being boycotted :D for doing a thing like watching KARZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Ohhhhhhhhh Puhleaseeeeeeee

Your manager thinks so correct about u :P

Seriously how could you do this to Vin and Shivani.... Poor souls :(

Urv said...

Hey girl,

May I ask u on a date for a movie? The movie is called Deshdrohi. The promos are "super killller" :) :) I am sure it will be one laugh riot.

I too watched Karzzz with couple of friends. Sadly had to watch it at home :( :( But I expected it to be more crappy. Turned out pretty okayish :( Damn !!!

Urv said...

PS: Hum logon ne movie pure hosh o awaaz mein dekhi thi :)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#Vinesh:Thanks!!though im still trying to figure out the reasons for my boycott..i wouldnt mind going in for another amusement like this some time soon...i think we should start a club for people with similar interests..wat say!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#Nidhi:-You cant be so mean!!
and for record sake..i DID NOT FORCE anyone to go with me..they willingly agreed and are now spreading bad things about me:-(

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#Urv:-Hmmm...the movie is releasing on 7th ticket book kare?

and haan..even i saw karzzzz in my full hosh and survived..hats off to me!

Toonfactory said...

hahahahaha...Tananana Tandoori Nights....Madam Dark Knights Ke is zamane mein Tandoori Nights type ki cheezein dekhogi to aisa to hoga ho...Lolz

Toonfactory said...

Hey thanks for d visit to my Blog Richa...Even I dnt have the adverts so cant post them :( I am too lazy to ask for a snapshot or something like...(I am so lazy that I haven't had sent my bill to the producer and haven't deposited the paycheque in the Bank)can U beat that

virdi said...

You can buy a white shirt, write these captions on the back...


santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#toonfactory:-yes sir!!
i completely agree with you:-)
and will keep it in mind:-)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#virdi:-yeah!!wat an idea sirji..
do u really think that can save me the criticism?
hmmmmmm!!!!if the situation persists any longer...i may have to get down to doing that