Monday, 23 February 2009

The top 3 Tag

So, Akash has tagged me...The nice guy that he is...trying to get useless people like me to get out of the self proclaimed Writer's Block...

...and here I am with my list of Top Three's

I wish there were more categories…but then ,if there were…I would be more troubled…listing out these was tough…coz there are so many things…where I have multiple faves…

But then …a rule is a rule.. is a rule...!!!

Here I go...

1. 3 Favorite Actors
• Johnny Depp (hes awesome in all senses)
• George Clooney (I can drool over him all the time)

• Heath Ledger (He was brilliant…I so wish we could have more of him)

2. 3 Favorite Actresses
• Julia Roberts (Never seen a better smile)

• Angelina Jolie (She is oh-so-gorgeuos)
• Kajol (She is awesome…)

3. 3 Favorite New Stars (Bollywood)
• Abhay Deol (What a chilled out guy…!!!)
• Sonam Kapoor (So pretty…and yet can act!!!)
• Darsheel Zafari (I wish he doesn’t get stardom to his head…this boy indeed is talented)

4. 3 Favorite Sports
• Tennis
• Tennis
• Tennis

Yeah..I don’t understand any other game...!!!!

5. 3 Favorite Sportspersons
• Rafael Nadal
• Steffi Graf
• Roger Federer

(Obvious choices!!)

6. 3 Favorite Politicians
• None

• None
• None

(I cant stand the sight of any of them…because I think all of them are simply good for nothing!!)

7. 3 Favorite Comedians
• Vinay Pathak

• Cyrus
• Saif Ali Khan

(ok!!the Saif lovers don’t kill me-he does a fab job when hes comic…you gotta give me that)

8. 3 Favorite Indian Male singers
• Mohammad Rafi (No one can beat him...what a voice)

KK (This guy rocks everytime he sings…man what bundle of talent)

• Mohit Chauhan (subtle and awesome)

9. 3 Favorite Indian Female singers
• Shreya Ghoshal (Lovely voice)
• Lata Mangeshkar (She doesn’t need words)
• Sunidhi Chouhan (Powerhouse)

10. 3 Favorite Corporate Honchos
• Jack Welch

• Ratan Tata

• N R Narayanamurthy

3 Favorite News channels
• NDTV 24x7

12. 3 Favorite News anchors
• Rajdeep Sardesai
• Pranoy Roy
• Barkha Dutt

13. 3 Favorite Hindi Entertainment channels
• Channel V
• 9 xm (I love bakwaas band kar)

14. 3 Favorite English entertainment channels
• Zee Studio

• Zee Cafe

• Star World

15. 3 Favorite TV Shows
• Roadies
• Friends
• Sex and the city

16. 3 Favorite Writers
• Nicholas Sparks
• Erich Segal

• Ayn Rand

17. 3 Favorite Movies
• One Fine Day
• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This list is so not fair…I am still thinking on the list of fave movies…!!!

18. 3 Favorite Indian Holiday destinations
• Kerala
• Kodaikanal

• Rajasthan

19. 3 Favorite Professions
• Media Planner

• HR consulting
• Banking
(...the irony is that...I am in currently in my most unfavorite profession...!!!)

20. 3 Favorite Mobile Brands
• Nokia
• Blackberry
• Sony Ericcson

21. 3 Favorite Laptop Brands
• Dell
• Apple
• Sony

22. 3 Favorite Cars
• BMW 7 series
• Audi
• Honda

23. 3 Favorite Apparel brands
• Levi’s

• Versace

• Indian Terrain

24. 3 Favorite Deserts
• A chocolate cake dripping with chocolate chunks and soaked in chocolate sauce

• Caramel walnuts with icecream(if you haven’t tried this-go to a good Chinese restaurant and try it!!!)

• Mom made Besan ke laddoo

25. 3 Favorite Cuisines
• Italian
India(I wish Punjabi food was a cuisine)
• Mexican

So I am done...and waiting for all others for their own...

All those who think are really suffering from the Writer's Block...Go ahead..and take this tag...

Its a great way to exercise the rusted mind and take it off that dreaded laptop...and gives you a new post as well...:)

Off you Go!!!!


akashthematrix said...

Hey Ma'am...first things first thanks 4 takin my tag...seriously...i guess :)

Comment on similarities:
1.While I was going thru the blog...i thot u might hav missed a few categories...n just copy pasted mine...but hey...its exclamatory tht we share so many choices...DITTTO types...!!!
2.BMW 7 Series tops my list too at the moment...

Comments on differences:
1.N yea...Federer just got replaced in my list by Nadal a few months back coz of his killer attitude...
2.Ooops...hows it possible tht i hav not seen ur most likable fine day...will hav 2 grab it asap...
3.Indian Terrain is gud...oh no...I just missed its grand sale here...will try it some other time ;)
4.Dont like clooney :(
5.Hate HR

I think thats it :)

N one last important thing...keep me posted on who all follow this tag frm here on... ;)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

I told u...the simlilarities are immense:)...
One fine day has george clooney in it...:)...but trust me hes adorable in it...he plays the father of this lovely little girl..and he is just oh-so cute:)
about the clothes brands...i will love to have all the Versace's and D&G's and Armanis with me..but then since I dont think I will have it for some time..i better choose the ones I have access to:)..probably 5 years down the line,my list of brands will change..and i will then take the tag again:)

Trinaa said...

ur fav writers match mine.. :)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#trinaa:-Welcome to my blog:)...
u read nicholas sparks too?woow..nice!

chirpy-paaro said...

i dont know where my comment has disappeared.. :((

I LOVE CLOONEY..infact there is a Indian Television actor who resembles him...i also drool over him... :))

I dont mind you not liking any politician but I guess you do go to Vote. I am sure you know who is my fav politician.. :))

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

#chirpy:-Oh yeah!!!how can i forget...ur drooling over him all d time:)...and eventually even i flipped for him:P
talking about that...i guess hes totally droolworthy...:)...
so taking the tag or not?so the whole world know who we r talking about here